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Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival 2
Animal Crossing amiibo Festival 2 logo
English logo
Developer(s) Existence Software,
Nintendo EPD,
Nd Cube,
1-UP Studio
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Party
Release Date(s)
1-4 players locally
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Wii U optical disc

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival 2 is the sequel to the 2015 party game Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and a spin-off of the Animal Crossing series. As with the game's prequel, the game is based entirely around the amiibo figures and cards.

Unlike its predecessor, Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival 2 features development cooperation between four different companies. While Nintendo EPD and Existence Software provide most of the work on the title, Nd Cube and 1-UP Studio (the former of which also co-developed the predecessor) provide additional support in development.


Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival 2 is, much like its prequel, a board game-esque party game. Using amiibo figures, players roll dice and move their way around the board. The objective of the main 'amiibo Festival' mode is to gain the most Happy Points, which is primarily done by traversing to various Positivity Spaces; though can also be obtained through other means, such as by trading for Bells or reaching the four Gyroids positioned around the town.

The amiibo Festival mode is deeply expanded upon in amiibo Festival 2, with several new challenges added. The main of which is the Mortgage system. Mortgages have appeared in every Animal Crossing title, and, once paid off, allow the players to expand their house. Similarly, in amiibo Festival 2, players must pay off their debts in order to expand their homes, thus increasing the amount of Happy Points and Bells earned over the course of the game.

Another new system is the Shop function. While players could purchase playing cards from Redd when he is in town, all towns will have a permanent shop run by Leila and Grams. Grams sells various playing cards at a fair price, while Leila will buy them from the player. Redd, while he returns from amiibo Festival, now carries various cards exclusive to his shop; and will sell three of those (and one overpriced Grams-sold card) when he appears in town.


Playable Characters

The playable characters of amiibo Festival 2 are, like the prequel, chosen through the use of amiibo figurines. As such, all Animal Crossing characters that are the subjects of amiibo figurines are playable in the game. All characters act identically: they are purely cosmetic and are used to distinguish between players.

While there are no "default" playable characters, most versions of the game come with Isabelle and Digby amiibo figurines. However, a second edition exists without these amiibo, for those that already own them.

Basic Villagers

Should one choose to (or not have enough amiibo figures), one can choose to play as one of six default human villagers. The basic villagers have generic names that can be changed in the options menu. In addition, they may also transfer over their character from both Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Up to four characters can be transferred from Happy Home Designer and New Leaf.

Event Characters

Katie NL
When Katie comes to town, she will challenge the players to various minigames that are somewhat similar to those given to the player by campers in the main Animal Crossing characters. Winning the game will grant players with an uncommon/rare card, but losing will have her take a card should the player have one.
Redd - New Leaf
Joan NL
Chip newleaf
Nat NL
Occasionally, a thunderstorm will occur during a game. Afterwards, Pete will appear, and tell the players that he has lost his various letters. Instead of earning Happy Points or Bells, for the next week players will instead look for Pete's letters. The players will get various bonuses for the amount of letters they collect in the week. These bonuses include rare cards and Happy Point multipliers.

Other Characters

Lloid - New Leaf
Four Gyroids are positioned around the towns that serve as the "boards" in the amiibo Festival mode. These Gyroids award Happy Points to those that reach them, with the amount of Happy Points accumulating with every Gyroid reached; with the first Gyroid giving 5, the next 10, and so on.
Leila NL
Leila and Grams are two turtles that live on a faraway island known as Tortimer Island. Together, they run a shop in the various towns that the "boards" are based in, and will buy and sell various cards to those that travel to them.
Grams NL


The host of the amiibo Festival mode changes depending on the season in which the game is held. While the hosts all have unique dialogue, they all serve the same purpose: hosting the festival and describing various events as they occur.

Additionally, certain other characters host the boards available through downloadable content. These hosts are mechanically identical to the normal hosts.

Additional amiibo Compatibility

Animal Crossing amiibo Cards - Series 1
(Animal Crossing series)
Using any Animal Crossing amiibo card allows the player to choose the host of the game. Most special characters have unique dialogue, but most normal villagers reuse dialogue based upon the character's personality. The amiibo card of a character that will be participating in the game can not be scanned.
Amiibo Villager
(Super Smash Bros. series)
Using the Villager (Super Smash Bros. series) amiibo, players unlock the ability to play as the male Villager that acts as the basis of the amiibo figurine. He takes the name of "Villager" in-game by default. Should the player also have saved data from Super Smash Bros. on the amiibo figure, they may also import the appearance and name of their amiibo fighter.

As of version 2.0.3, the game is compatible with additional amiibo. Certain amiibo unlock various things that could otherwise be purchased through DLC.

MarAmiibo Mario
(Super Mario series)
Using any amiibo based on a character from the Super Mario series (specifically any amiibo of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Toad, Rosalina, Bowser Jr., Wario, and/or Dr. Mario; not including the 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo, however) unlocks a special Acorn Festival board that would otherwise be available through paid DLC. The Acorn Festival board has Cornimer as the host, and players collect Acorns as opposed to Happy Points.
Amiibo WolfLink
(The Legend of Zelda series)
Using any amiibo based on a character from the The Legend of Zelda series (specifically any amiibo of Link/Toon Link/Wolf Link, Zelda, Sheik, and/or Ganondorf) unlocks a special Medieval-inspired board that would otherwise be available through paid DLC. The "Renaissance Festival" map has Knox as the host, and players collect various fruits as opposed to Happy Points and Bells.
Existence Software
Original Characters

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