Animal Crossing: Three Towns is an Xbox One game. The game even uses Xbox Live.


  • Normal (Male & Female)
  • Cranky (Male)
  • Lazy (Male)
  • Jock (Male)
  • Smug (Male)
  • Snooty (Female)
  • Peppy (Female)
  • Uchi (Female)


Starter Villagers

You start with 8 villagers. One of each type, Besides smug. You can get up to 17 (19 if you count campers)


Once you have 14 villagers (13 in Japanese), gone will try to move out. There is 80% chance they will. Sometimes, they will delays the move by 27 (28 in American) days, then they leave no matter what. Next, there will be 1 or 2 people that will visit for a day. They can sell items that are rare. Also, villagers celebrate holidays, each in a different area. Such as how Thanksgiving is celebrated at the beach. See the more info section for the whole list. When a player befriends a villager, they give you a gift for you. Example: Graham gives you a picture that is signed by him. The whole list is in the more info area. Sometimes villagers (Beside lazy ones) will challenge you to catch the biggest fish is you have a fishing rod. If you sometimes talk to cranky or snooty villagers, they can possibly rumor about two villagers dating. There is still no proof though. Villagers walk the same pace as the player. Villagers play hide- and- seek with you still. Also, you can find 2-14 random villagers in the town and they talk about the glamour. Sadly, only peppy villagers are able to be persuaded into town. Also, normal villagers never appear. They water flowers and sit on stumps and benches. But lastly, they even read the bulletin board, say, you may need this. For the entire list of bulletin board ads, look in the more info area.


  • House (Player & Villagers)
  • Nook's Homes
  • T&T Shack
  • T&T Shack 2.0 (Get after T&T Shack has been opened for a week minimum and you have bought $10,000 of items there)
  • T&T's Amazing House (

More Info

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