Animal Crossing: The New Blood is an upcoming DLC for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It will be noticeably darker in tone than previous installments.

Gameplay Changes

  • When prompted to, your villager can punch, kick, and even use the axe in combat.
  • Vehicles are added.
  • Gunplay plays a major role.
  • Bells are unable to be shaken from trees. Instead, they are received though more subtle tasks.
  • More options for governing your town (when playing as mayor).
  • More realistic conversation with fellow villagers.
  • Light swearing.
  • Missions. (see 'Story')


After loading your preferred character, you must choose a partner that will assist you during missions. (from the town). You then play through Animal Crossing while doing partially legal and extremely illegal jobs. You soon find Tom Nook with your bells. After killing Nook, you earn access to Tom's bank account. You soon get involved in corrupt mafia business. Due to the empire you created with Nook's money and the mafia's respect being unbearably large, someone put those pieces together, and ended up with you. The Nooklings invaded your penthouse, and murdered your men. After regaining control of your empire, it ends with a shootout against the Nooklings.

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