Animal Crossing: Taming the Wild is a game released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2015 by Niche.Studios. It was picked up after being after being dropped and cancelled by Nintendo for the Gamecube. It includes many new and refined features, and is the sequal to Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  



  • Alfonso (Lazy)
  • Alli (Snooty)
  • Chomps (Smug) NEW
  • Del (Cranky)
  • Gayle (Normal)
  • Genna (Uchi) NEW
  • Liz (Normal) Not in New Leaf
  • Piko (Formerly Pirokon) (Cranky) Not in New Leaf
  • Sly (Jock)


  • Antie (Uchi) NEW
  • Anabelle (Peppy)
  • Annalisa (Normal)
  • Antonio (Jock)
  • Cyrano (Cranky)
  • Luna (Formenly Lulu) (Normal) Not In New Leaf
  • Olaf (Smug)
  • Soot (Smug) NEW


In Village

Main Street

  • Saharah's Exotic Walls and Rugs
  • <Town> Mart
  • Redd's Fine Arts
  • The Able Sisters
  • GracieGrace
  • Leif's Gardening Home

Sunny Sol's Island

  • Island Gift Shop
  • Tour Booking
  • Dock Landing
  • <Player>'s Cabin (Costs: 1000K bells)


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