Animal Crossing: New Leaf Plus is an upcoming addition to Animal Crossing: New Leaf that may be downloaded for $9.99 from the Nintendo eShop. The upgrade is likely to be coming in October of 2014.

New Features

For all of the players who have not yet downloaded the upgrade must download a software update to their game before being able to connect to the internet in-game. Once they have downloaded the software update, they may see the new features in the towns that they go to that have downloaded the additions.

  • When a new villager is about to move into town, Isabelle will tell that the player needs to report to Town Hall immediately. The player will then be able to choose where this villager will move in. This would stop villagers from being able to move in near to important locations of flowers, trees, etc.
  • Certain shrubs may have berries for fruit. Possible berries that may be picked from bushes may be: raspberry, blackberry, or blueberry.
  • The return of islanders. Every island can have two villagers. The player can download an app from the Nintendo eShop known as Animal Crossing Island Manager.
    • If they are to play this app, it is similar to in Animal Forest e+, where they will see the island from overworld. Tapping on the islander's door will allow them to exit their home, and they will walk around the island.
    • The player will be able to tap on fruit from trees and drag them over to the islander. However, they will be allergic to certain fruit, and they will be unpleased if you are to give them this fruit. If you give them their favourite fruit, however, they may drop money bags as a tip.
  • The maximum number of villagers is 12, rather than 10. Without using the campsite, the player can only have 9 villagers, however.
  • If a villager has already packed when moving, they may say something along the lines of "Maybe I should have one last <native fruit> before I go...". If you bring them this fruit, they will become sad and nostalgic, and very possibly be convinced out of moving.
  • When going to the police station, they may also tell if a villager has come by and told about plans for moving.
  • A possible addition of a few new species of reptiles or amphibians, unconfirmed.
  • A new building may be built in the player's town, the observatory. It is suggested by Celeste in the museum's second floor, after you have bought 5.000 bells worth of items. The observatory takes up 3x3 spaces, and, when entered, the player may gaze at constellations or create their own. The name of the character who runs the observatory and their species is unconfirmed.
  • Villagers may occasionally come up with nicknames for players who are visiting the town or maybe ask small favours of them.
  • The player may design skirts, pants (shorts/pants), socks (socks/tights), and shoes (shoes/boots).

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