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Animal Crossing: Leaf Cup
Animal Crossing GP
English logo
Developer(s) Existence Software,
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s)
Q2 2016 (Wii U)
1-4 players locally
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Wii U optical disc

Animal Crossing: Leaf Cup is a racing game for the Wii U. The game can be compared to the 2010 PlayStation 3 title ModNation Racers, as it focuses heavily on user-created content; specifically custom courses and karts. Animal Crossing: Leaf Cup continues the trend of Nintendo releasing games focusing on creativity; following the likes of Super Mario Maker, and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.


Similar to Nintendo's popular Mario Kart series, up to ten racers race on several courses, using various items to hinder other racers and help themselves. Unlike Mario Kart, however, Animal Crossing: Leaf Cup focuses heavily on designing the layouts of courses and combining pieces of karts in order to get the best stats.


Tom Nook hosts the first ever Leaf Cup, challenging towns all over the world to create courses up to the challenge. As the mayor of a village, you decide to create racecourses in and around your village.


Tom Nook HHD
Isabelle HHD
Lottie HHD
Tom Nook Isabelle Lottie
Tom Nook is the owner of a home remodelling store called "Nook's Homes". Though kind enough to give new villagers houses, he is definitely not stingy when it comes to finances. Isabelle works as the secretary to a mayor, but is often known as the face of the village due to how much work she does behind the scenes. She definitely does not falter when it comes to working; even should she be exhausted. A rookie employee at Nook's Homes, Lottie has an eye for style. She has helped many people with both redecorating the interior of their homes, or even remodelling the exteriors.
Blathers NL
K.K. Slider AF
ACNL Girl Villager
Blathers K.K. Slider Villager
Blathers is the curator of a museum filled with insects, paintings, fossils, and fish donated by the villagers of the town in which it resides.

Course elements

Element Description
Starting Line The starting line. An arrow denotes the direction that the racers face at the beginning of the race.
Item Box An item box. When driven through, it grants the racer an item.
Boost Pad A boost pad. When driven over, the racer is granted a great boost.
Short Ramp A short ramp that can be tricked off of.
Long Ramp A slightly longer ramp that can be tricked off of.
Boost Jump A long ramp combined with a boost pad.
Bell A Bell. When collected, it provides a slight speed boost. Up to twelve Bells can be collected during a single race.


Element Description
Dirt The default on-road path.
Grass The default off-road path.
Stone An on-road path that resembles the same stone bridge texture.
Water The default hazard; a pool of water that racers can fall into. Can be used to create lakes.
Beach Shallow water that can be driven through without harm. Water tiles can be added to make the water deeper and a hazard.
Sand Sandy ground that acts as an on-road path.
Dark Sand Sandy ground that acts as an off-road path. Slightly darker variation of the Sand tile.



Element Description
Tree A tree that stops racers when they come in contact with it. Comes in several variations: Spruce, Winter, and Cherry Blossom.
Fruit Tree A tree that stops racers when they come in contact with it. Also drops a fruit (either an apple, orange, or peach) that provides a small boost when hit.
Bell Tree A tree that stops racers when they come in contact with it. Also drops a bag of bells that counts as three Bells.
Flowers A plot of flowers that can be driven through without harm. When three racers drive through the flowers, they are destroyed. Flowers come in several varieties (Tulip, Pansy, Rose, Cosmos, Lily, Violet, Dandelion Flower, Dandelion Puff, Carnation, Jacob's Ladder, and Clovers). Most flower types come in different colours.
Rafflesia A large flower that stops racers when they come in contact with it.



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