Animal Crossing: Hotel Life
Developer(s) Newleaftendo
Publisher(s) Newleaftendo
Platform(s) Wii U, BanBall
Release Date(s)
Japan - December 12, 2013
North America - December 17, 2013
1 Player
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Virtual World
Media Included Wii U saved data, BanBallpad SD Cartridge

Animal Crossing: Hotel Life (Animal Crossing Wii U in Japanese) is a similar version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf but you're owner of a hotel. It will be available on the Nintendo eShop, Newleaftendo iStore, and at GameStop on December 17, 2013. (December 12, 2013 in Japan)

Differences From New Leaf

  • You'll be able to become owner a hotel.
  • Many famous people like Tom Nook could move in.
  • You can build on to the hotel at anytime for 100 bells.
  • If you enter a hotel in your moving list correctly, you could travel to the hotel and move in.
  • You can retire and promote a person to become owner.
  • Logo is different


  • You can buy the Hotel Life Pack for Wii U and BanBall


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