Animal Crossing: Fresh Air
The game's logo
Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogo
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan 2017
25px-Flag of USA 2017
Flag of European Union 2017
25px-Flag of Australia 2017
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating OFLC-G
Genre(s) Life Simulator
Series Animal Crossing (series)
Predecessor Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Media Included Nintendo Switch Disk

Animal Crossing: Fresh Air (動物の交差点:ホットスポット Dōbutsu no kōsaten: Hotto supotto in Japan), is an upcoming life simulation game for the Nintendo Switch set for release in 2017 and is being developed by Amuza.

Like usual Animal Crossing games, the player experiences life in a town with animal residents. Their were many new features introduced into the game, including jobs, shared cities and vacations. It is the fifth installment in the Animal Crossing series.


The beginning of Animal Crossing: Fresh Air starts like most other Animal Crossing games in which the player is asked a couple of questions to determine their character.

The player will be travelling on Kapp'ns Tugboat, where they will wake up from a nap to see Kapp'n comandeering the ship. Kapp'n will tell the player that they spilt chocolate all over their face, and he will hand you a mirror to clean the chocolate and reveal your face. From here, gender and facial features can be decided upon.

After this, Kapp'n will then realise he has been rude and ask for your name, followed by why you decided to move to a new town. Following these questions, Kapp'n will pull out a map for the town they are approaching, telling you that the tugboat is headed here. The player can accept the town map or reject it, and Kapp'n will turn the boat around until a town map is chosen.

Kapp'n will accidentally shipwreck into the town, and his tugboat will be destroyed. After this, the player is free to wander their town.

New Features

Hot Spots

Hot Spots is the name given to special locations where numerous buildings appear. In total, there are three different Hot Spots being The Plaza, The Dock and Downtown. Each village will have their own configuration of Hot Spots in any place in their town.

The Plaza

The Plaza is located somewhere within the town's mainland. The Plaza includes the following shops;

  • Nook's Homes is a house decorating store run by Tom Nook. Here, the player can buy items to customise their house to suit their style.
  • Nookling Junction is the town's economic centerpiece and sells numerous furniture items as well as tools, fortune cookies and a catalog where any previous recieved item can be purchased. It can be upgraded to T&T Mart, Super T&T, T.I.Y and finally T&T Emporium.
    ACFA Plaza

    A player in the Plaza.

  • Gonetime is the grocery store which sells food to supress the players hunger as well as basic essentials such as stationery and wrapping paper. It also sells cooking items such as stoves and counters. It is run by Basil.
  • The Able Sisters is a fashion shop for all your clothing and accessory needs. The Able Sisters run the clothing department along with Labelle who works in the accessory department.
  • The footwear store, Kicks, is owned and run by Kicks. It sells shoes, socks and other footwear
  • The recycling store, Re-Tail, buys items and showcases recycled items. Reese and Cyrus run it.
  • The Safety Department is sub-section of the Plaza that has the Police Station, Hospital and Fire Station.
    • The Police Station helps keep the villagers safe. They are always on the case when the Crime Cats strike.
    • The Hospital is where all the sick and injured villagers get treated.
    • The Fire Station is where Fire Fighters wait to help other villagers out and safe the village from natural disaster.
  • Leaflet Elementary is an elementary school where you can gather knowledge as well as teacher younger villagers. The teacher is Mrs Goo.
  • Full Bloom
  • Club LOL
  • Museum

The Dock

The Dock is an area that has a pier to reach the Island and some minor shops. The Dock includes the following;

  • The Marina is where Lylee's Liner is located and the player can take a cruise vacation on Lylee's Cruise Ship. Small boats owned by fisherman can also be boarded to catch rare fish and use throw nets.
  • The fisherman's shop, Fishers Dippings is connected to the Shell Shack. The player can have their fish analyzed if they haven't analyzed the type of fish before. They can also trade in fish for bells.
  • The Shell Shack is a restuarant connected to Fishers Dippings. The player can order food and dine with friends and villagers here.
  • The Jetty is a stunning tourist attraction and a good fishing spot. Occasinally you can meet special people at the Jetty like K.K. Slider once he's finished at The Roost. Othe characters will also appear in special times here.
Animal Crossing Springtime

A player in their village during Springtime

  • The Roost is a jazz lounge owned by Brewster. K.K. Slider and Dr. Shrunk perform here and Brewster serves refreshments or meals.
  • The Post Office is where the player can mail letters, pay off their mortgage and store money in a bank account.
  • The Arcade is where the player can play arcade games and new mini-games with villagers.
  • Fortune Street


Downtown is much more active during the night allowing for activites during the night. Downtown includes the following shops;

  • Shampoodle is a salon run by Harriet. The player can get their hair and eye colour changed here. The new character, Prudence, runs the cosmetic area where the player can change the look of their face or have their Mii's face imported onto their villager.
  • Le Bistro is the main restaurant in downtown. It sells very expensive food. It is run by Ponch.
  • The Cinema is where the player can watch movies or create a movie if the player has the job of a director.
    ACFA Downtown

    A player at Downtown during nighttime.

  • Crazy Redd's is a black market store run by Redd. Paintings and sculptures can be bought in here to fill the player's museum, but some of the items sold are fake.
  • The Happy Room Headquarters is where you can enrol in the HRA and see display homes.
  • The high-end furniture shop, GracieGrace is run by Gracie.
  • Deep Sounds is a night club that has lots of parties that is open every night and has lots of visitors. It is closed during the day and each night has a different theme from the last.
  • Catchup is a lounge where you can meet online players who are inside the lounge and have conversations with them.
  • Bidbi Galleria is the place where auctions are held. To win an item, you have to the highest bid when the hammer slams down. Auctions can be done online.
  • Cat Alley is a hidden backalley. This is the base of the Crime Cats which you can join for a job. 
  • Star Villas: A hotel where your player can stay for a night. It has numerous different rooms which cater to your villagers needs. Sometimes you will run into soon-to-be villagers in your neighbourhood.
  • Dream Suite


More jobs within the town were added into the game that give more things for the player to do each day. The player can either take up a part-time or a full-time job, each of which will have a different workload during the week. The following are available jobs in the game.

Job Description
Mayor Like in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the player can run the town they live in. Works at the town hall.
Postman Work at the Post Office and deliver mail to the villagers.
Police Officer Work at the Police Station and crack cases. Your biggest nemesis is the Crime Cats.
Criminal Work for the Crime Cats at the Cat Alley. Perform crime and avoid the police.
Apprentice Apprentices help out people who run a shop such as Tom Nook, Harriet, Redd, Lyle, Kicks and more.
Doctor Work at the hospital and treat sick or injured villagers by helping them out or performing surgery on them.
Barista Work at the Roost Lounge with Brewster and brew specific drinks to the villagers request.
Movie Director Work at the Cinema to create movies. Critics will review your movie after it premieres and the player will get more bells the better the movie is.
Tailor Work at the Able Sisters and create clothes for your villagers. Fit them to the popular demand for more bells.
Interior Designer Work at the Happy Home Academy and design homes for villagers. The more the villager likes it, the more bells will be awarded.
Fire Fighter Work at the Fire Station and help villagers from small problems as well as putting out fires that erupt around town.


Personality was greatly expanded upon in Animal Crossing: Fresh Air. Each villager now recieves three traits that affect their character, rather than just having one overall personality. This creates more distinguishable villagers and will raise or lower the chances of having them appear in your village if the player's village caters towards their traits. All the available traits are as follows;

  • Absent Minded
  • Adventurer
  • Angler
  • Athletic
  • Bug Catcher
  • Charismatic
  • Childish
  • Chef
  • Cranky
  • Coward
  • Crazy
  • Cold Blooded
  • Dramatic
  • Early Bird
  • Eco Friendly
  • Evil
  • Exotic
  • Funny
  • Gatherer
  • Genius
  • Jock
  • Lazy
  • Leader
  • Loner
  • Lucky
  • Mooch
  • Neuortic
  • Night Owl
  • Party Animal
  • Perfectionist
  • Peppy
  • Smug
  • Snob
  • Skeptic
  • Sweet
  • Unlucky
  • Uchi
  • Vain
  • Warm Blooded
  • Workaholic

A player meeting Goldie, who holds the Sweet, Charismatic and Eco Friendly traits

Peyton ACFA

Peyton, one of the game's new villagers is Uchi, Childish and Gatherer

Friendships have also been expanded with the new Friendship Meters, similar to those seen in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The player will have different levels of Friendship with their villagers based upon how they interact with each other. For example, the player can have nice interactions between their villagers to build their friendship heart meter, but having rude interactions with their villagers will raise the purple heart and make the two enemies.

Another new feature was Ambitions in which the player's villager would have a set of tasks they would want to complete everyday or every week. Completing ambitions increases the player's luck for the day. There is three ambitions randomly generated everyday that range from "Mail a villlager a Hat" to "Catch a Tarantula". A weekly ambition is also generated which is a goal that may take longer to complete, such as "Talk to every Villager in town everyday for a week".


There are 84 collectible bugs and 84 fish, raising from the 72 in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The game also introduced ten new fossils.


A mine has been added to the town and will appear on one of the hills on the town's edge. From the Mine, players can collect a new type of collectable known as Gems. The entrance to the mine features a bonfire and mine shaft.

Around the bonfire will be the new special character Pick, who knows everything about mining such as good digging days, as well as funny stories he made over the years. Other random villagers may appear around the bonfire who have visited the town to make some bells off the mine.

The mine shaft will take players down into the mines. A Hard Hat and Pickaxe are required to travel down into the mines. Their are five stages to the mine, which are progressively unlocked the more the player uses the mines. The five stages of the mine are the Mine, Light Ruins, Deep Water Caves, Rock Labyrinth and the Fabled Shrine.

View of the game as a player is using the Leaflet


The Leaflet is the player's phone and serves the function of the pause menu from previous games. The Leaflet is accessed from pressing the pause button in the game.

The Leaflet has eleven different functions. This includes viewing the pockets, the fish and bug database, current patterns and the town map. Other functions include taking a picture, viewing relationships, viewing ambitions, adding to the player's journal, making a call to a villager and lastly viewing the general settings for the game. 


Vacations are something added in this game and happen on Lylee's Liner found at The Dock. At first, the player will be aboard Lylee's Liner and can roam the cruise ship but every now and then the cruise ship will stop at different islands that resemble places in real life like Lee's Sanctum which resembles Asia.

Small Features

  • As well as asking about your name and gender at the start of the game, Kapp'n also shows the players face in a mirror which then allows them to change the look of their face.
    • This can be changed later at the cosmetics area of Shampoodle later in the game.
  • You can place walls in your home allowing for different rooms. They can be organised by discussing with Tom Nook. Walls can be removed or moved by talking to him at anytime.
  • You can have up to 20 villagers at one time (including your four own characters)
  • Your house or villagers house can be moved if permitted at the Town Hall
  • New minigames with villagers have been added
  • The journal has been reintroduced in which big life moments will be automatically stored, as well as journal entries can be written in.
  • Hunger has been added to the game in which the player must feed their character before they get too hungry.



Villagers Species Amount
Name Traits
Alfonso Adventurer, Early Bird, Leader Alligator 6
Alli Snob, Childish, Perfectionist
Del Cranky, Skeptic, Absent Minded
Drago Funny, Lazy, Mooch
Gayle Chef, Sweet, Perfectionist
Sly Jock, Eco Friendly, Athletic
Anabelle Adventurer, Leader, Exotic Anteater 6
Annalisa Sweet, Crazy, Neurotic
Antonio Jock, Adventurer, Charismatic
Cyrano Dramatic, Bug Catcher, Charismatic
Olaf Smug, Perfectionist, Childish
Pango Vain, Genius, Warm Blooded
Beardo Smug, Vain, Leader Bears 12
Charlise Athletic, Bug Catcher, Angler
Chow Cranky, Unlucky, Exotic
Curt Loner, Childish, Snob
Grizzly Crazy, Skeptic, Night Owl
Groucho Cranky, Leader, Neuortic
Klaus Exotic, Party Animal, Cold Blooded
Nate Lazy, Loner, Eco Friendly
Paula Crazy, Lucky, Mooch
Pinky Peppy, Charismatic, Childish
Teddy Adventurer, Chef, Jock
Tutu Cold Blooded, Crazy, Angler
Anchovy Chef, Angler, Vain Birds 10
Jacques Exotic, Genius, Workaholic
Jay Jock, Crazy, Lucky
Jitters Exotic, Charismatic, Warm Blooded
Lucha Athletic, Jock, Dramatic
Midge Sweet, Cold Blooded, Vain
Peck Athletic, Vain, Chef
Robin Eco Friendly, Skeptic, Dramatic 
Sparro Workaholic, Crazy, Bug Catcher
Twiggy Peppy, Leader, Dramatic
Angus Lazy, Cranky, Exotic Bulls 5
Coach Jock, Athletic, Leader
Rodeo Warm Blooded, Loner, Skeptic
T-Bone Mooch, Eco Friendly, Cranky
Vic Adventurer, Crazy, Smug
Ankah Cats 22
Kid Cat

New Villagers

In total, there are twelve new villagers. There are two new species of villagers that will move into the players town. These are Turtles and Lizards.

Amanda ACFA


  • Species: Turtle
  • Gender: Female
  • Traits: Unlucky, Skeptic, Dramatic



  • Species: Turtle
  • Gender: Male
  • Traits: Evil, Cranky, Snob

Jenna ACFA


  • Species: Turtle
  • Gender: Female
  • Traits: Athletic, Adventurous, Bug Catcher

Tanner ACFA


  • Species: Turtle
  • Gender: Male
  • Traits: Coward, Mooch, Warm Blooded



  • Species: Turtle
  • Gender: Male
  • Traits: Party Animal, Lazy, Night Owl

Peyton ACFA


  • Species: Turtle
  • Gender: Female
  • Traits: Uchi, Childish, Gatherer



  • Species: Lizard
  • Gender: Male
  • Traits: Perfectionist, Loner, Proper

Clarisse ACFA


  • Species: Lizard
  • Gender: Female
  • Traits: Diva, Frugal, Cold Blooded

Austin ACFA


  • Species: Lizard
  • Gender: Male
  • Traits: Absent Minded, Coward, Early Bird



  • Species: Bear
  • Gender: Male
  • Traits: Chef, Angler, Snob

Fable ACFA1


  • Species: Hamsters
  • Gender: Female
  • Traits: Proper, Charismatic, Lucky

Delilah ACFA


  • Species: Octopus
  • Gender: Female
  • Traits: Diva, Cranky, Proper



New Year's Day, La-Di-Day, New Leaf, Fishing Tourney, Day of the Squirrel, Yay Day, Flea Market

Groundhog Day, Fishing Tourney, Bright Nights, Valentine's Day, Day of the Cat, Leap Day

Day of the Pig, Festivale, Bunny Day, Day of the Rabbit, St. Patrick's Day, Fishing Tourney, Spring Sports Fair

April Fools Day, Day of the Bear, Cherry Blossom Festival, Spring Bee, Bunny Day

Day of the Pig, Mother's Day, Fishing Tourney, Day of the Bird, Flea Market

Graduation Day, Day of the Dog, Bug-Off, Fishing Tourney, Father's Day, Summer Solstice, Day of the Chicken, Flea Market

Fresh Air Day, Fireworks Show, Morning Moves, Town Feast, Day of the Gorilla, Day of the Monkey, Hometown Day, Bug-Off

Fireworks Show, Meteor Shower, Day of the Cow, Town Anniversary, Morning Moves, Bug Off

Labor Day, Day of the Mouse, Fall Sports Fair, Harvest Moon Festival, Autumn Moon, Day of the Penguin, Bug-Off, Flea Market

Explorer's Day, Mushrooming Season, Day of the Frog Harvest Moon Festival, Fishing Tourney, Halloween

Work Fair, Fishing Tourney, Day of the Elephant, Harvest Festival, Day of the Tiger, Winter Sports Fair

Day of the Deer, Snow Day, Fishing Tourney, Twelfth Night, Winter Solstice, Toy Day, Christmas, New Year's Eve

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