Animal Crossing Desert Town
Animal Crossing Desert town box
Box art
Developer(s) 03 Games
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Fantendo3ds
Release Date(s)
August 8th, 2013
Age Rating(s)
Predecessor Animal Crossing Plaza
Successor Animal Crossing: Monster Mania

Animal Crossing: Desert Town is the newest game in the Animal Crossing series. It came after Animal Crossing: New Leaf (and the Wii U spinoff Animal Crossing Plaza). It was created by 03 Games.


You move to a town in the hot desert!

This new game packed with fun is the newest Animal Crossing game!

New villagers come and go; new special characters are there, new shops, and more!

Make new friends, get new furniture, and wear new outfits!

Don't miss out on Animal Crossing: Desert Town!



  • Cranky
  • Lazy
  • Jock
  • Smug
  • Clumsy


  • Snooty
  • Normal
  • Peppy
  • Uchi
  • Angry


Special characters

Name Species Gender Bio
Spark Dragon Male Spark is a blue dragon and the mayor of the town. There used to be thousands of dragons, but Spark is the only one left. He is very kind and at night worries about vampires.
Amos Wolf Male Amos runs the Ye Ol' Shop. There he sells furniture, wallpaper, carpets, tools, and he has the Quarter Machine. Amos is nice but he is grumpy on Sundays.
Amy Owl Female Amy is the owner of Amy's Outfits. She is nice most of the time until you come in every day for a week and don't buy anything. She gets sad when you come in then.
Miner Snake Male Miner loves the mine and always greets you at the entrance. If you come to the mine every day for a week, he'll give you a pickaxe so you can go mining. He is jolly all the time.
Stormy Cthulhu Male Stormy comes a few times a year and you bring him three rubies and he will make it rain in return.
Lizzy Lizard Female Lizzy works at Desert Sands Cafe. Whenever jock or uchi villagers enter, if you listen to what they're saying, Lizzy gives them discounts.
Smith Frog Male Smith can redo furniture for a certain amount of bells. He works in Ye Ol’ Shop O’ Shops.
Museum Man Axolotl Male The Museum Man owns the museum and asses fossils. You can donate fish, bugs, fossils, and gems.


The new game is now introducing lizards and snakes as villagers! It was rumored Pikachu would be a new species, but he wasn't.

Villager Name (Japanese) Villager Name   (English) Species Personality Gender
Favorite Color
Favorite Type of Clothing
Least Favorite Type of Clothing
2ごう Agent S Squirrel Peppy 7/2 Black Sporty Old
アグネス Agnes Pig Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 4/21 White Rock Old
アイーダ Aida Frog Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 10/2 Purple Gorgeous Safe
たもつ Al Gorilla Lazy 10/18 Pink Safe Formal
アルベルト Alfonso Gator Lazy 6/9 Green Safe Formal
メルボルン Alice Koala Normal 8/19 Purple Fancy Gorgeous
クロコ Alli Gator Snobby 11/8 Blue Gorgeous Sporty
アンデス Amelia Eagle Snobby 11/19 Red Gorgeous Safe
あるみ Anabelle Anteater Peppy 2/16 Green Fancy Old
アンチョビ Anchovy Bird Lazy 3/4 Colorful Crazy Traditional
アネッサ Anessa Bear Cub Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 6/23 Purple Modern Safe
セルバンテス Angus Cow Grumpy 4/30 Green Rock Gorgeous
ラザニア Anicotti Mouse Peppy 2/24 Pink Crazy Old
ナイル Ankha Cat Snobby 9/22 Yellow Old Rock
シルブプレ Annalise Horse Snobby 12/2 Purple Formal Crazy
アンソニー Anthony Horse Smug 5/22 Beige Gorgeous Sporty
マコト Antonio Anteater Athletic 10/20 Light Blue Safe Gorgeous
アポロ Apollo Eagle Grumpy 7/4 White Rock Safe
アップル Apple Hamster Peppy 9/24 Red Fancy Old
キッズ Astrid Kangaroo Snobby 9/8 Grey Rock Modern
オーロラ Aurora Penguin Normal 1/27 Pink Formal Gorgeous
ドミグラ Ava Chicken Normal 4/28 Brown Formal Fancy
クスケチャ Avery Eagle Grumpy 2/22 Brown Traditional Gorgeous
エックスエル Axel Elephant Athletic 3/23 Colorful Sporty Old
トロワ Baabara Sheep Snobby 3/28 Brown Gorgeous Crazy
タケル Bam Deer Athletic 11/7 Light Blue Sporty Traditional
ルーズ Bangle Tiger Peppy 8/27 Orange Gorgeous Safe
バーバラ Barbara Goat Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 12/26 Beige Modern Safe
ニッシー Barold Bear Cub Lazy 3/2 Light Blue Old Sporty
ベアード Beard Bear Smug 9/27 Brown Formal Fancy
アリア Becky Chicken Snobby 12/9 Purple Gorgeous Sporty
ハチ Bee Dog Lazy 8/3 Beige Old Gorgeous
イザベラ Bella Mouse Peppy 12/28 Black Rock Safe
ぺしみち Benedict Chicken Lazy 10/10 Yellow Old Crazy
あんこ Bertha Hippopotamus Normal 4/25 Grey Traditional Rock
マルコ Bettina Mouse Normal 6/12 White Formal Rock
ガブリエル Biff Hippopotamus Athletic 3/29 Green Crazy Safe
3ごう Big Top Elephant Lazy 10/3 Blue Safe Rock
ピータン Bill Duck Athletic 2/1 Green Sporty Gorgeous
ロビン Biskit Dog Lazy 5/13 Orange Safe Formal
シルエット Blaire Squirrel Snobby 7/3 Orange Formal Crazy
グルミン Bluebear Bear Cub Peppy 6/24 Blue Fancy Traditional
ニコバン Bob Cat Lazy 1/1 Colorful Crazy Safe
トミ Bones Dog Lazy 8/4 Light Blue Old Fancy
ショーイ Boomer Penguin Lazy 2/7 Brown Old Modern
まんたろう Boone Gorilla Athletic 9/12 Colorful Traditional Fancy
サラ Bree Mouse Snobby 7/7 White Formal Old
ブリトニー Brittany Pig Snobby 11/14 Yellow Modern Old
ブロッコリー Broccolo Mouse Lazy 6/30 Colorful Crazy Traditional
カサンドラ Broffina Chicken Snobby 10/24 Black Crazy Safe
ブルース Bruce Goat Grumpy 5/26 Blue Rock Fancy
チャコ Bubbles Hippopotamus Peppy 9/18 Orange Sporty Crazy
ヴァヤシコフ Buck Horse Athletic 4/4 Brown Sporty Fancy
グラさん Bud Lion Athletic 8/8 Colorful Sporty Modern
リリアン Bunnie Rabbit Peppy 5/9 Pink Fancy Traditional
ジョン Butch Dog Grumpy 11/1 Black Sporty Fancy
フルメタル Camofrog Frog Grumpy 6/5 Blue Rock Fancy
キャンベラ Canberra Koala Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 5/14 Orange Sporty Traditional
チョコ Carmen Rabbit Peppy 1/6 Brown Modern Sporty
キャロライン Caroline Squirrel Normal 7/15 Colorful Fancy Traditional
アラン Cesar Gorilla Grumpy 9/6 Brown Old Fancy
チーズ Chadder Mouse Smug 12/15 Yellow Formal Gorgeous
チャーミー Charlise Bear Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 4/17 Orange Sporty Gorgeous
チャス Chas Cat Athletic 12/20 Beige Sporty Rock
アセロラ Cheri Bear Cub Peppy 3/17 Yellow Sporty Old
ハンナ Cherry Dog Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 5/11 Purple Rock Formal
パンタ Chester Bear Cub Lazy 8/6 Green Safe Rock
ユキ Chevre Goat Normal 3/6 White Fancy Rock
チーフ Chief Wolf Grumpy 12/19 Grey Traditional Gorgeous
チャウヤン Chow Bear Grumpy 7/22 Brown Crazy Safe
クSquirrelチーヌ Chrissy Rabbit Peppy 8/28 Pink Fancy Traditional
チャック Chuck Fawn Lazy 7/27 Light Blue Safe Gorgeous
デースケ Clyde Horse Lazy 5/1 Colorful Crazy Rock
ハカセ Cobb Pig Athletic 10/7 Grey Formal Rock
やよい Coco Rabbit Normal 3/1 Beige Traditional Gorgeous
アマミン Cole Rabbit Lazy 8/10 Black Modern Rock
ペリーヌ Cookie Dog Peppy 6/18 Green Fancy Old
ハルマキ Cousteau Frog Athletic 12/17 Red Traditional Fancy
ビス Cube Penguin Lazy 1/29 Colorful Fancy Formal
カルロス Curlos Sheep Smug 5/8 Yellow Rock Modern
ハムカツ Curly Pig Athletic 7/26 Red Safe Gorgeous
ガンテツ Curt Bear Grumpy 7/1 Brown Traditional Fancy
さくらじま Cyrano Anteater Grumpy 3/9 Yellow Traditional Modern
バニラ Daisy Dog Normal 11/16 Brown Safe Sporty
まりも Deena Duck Normal 6/27 Grey Modern Sporty
ナディア Deirdre Fawn Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 5/4 Orange Old Crazy
ヤマト Del Gator Grumpy 5/27 Blue Sporty Gorgeous
デリー Delhi Monkey Lazy 5/24 Purple Traditional Crazy
ボン Derwin Duck Lazy 5/25 Beige Formal Rock
ナタリー Dierdre Fawn Snobby 1/4 White Traditional Rock
ヒュージ Dizzy Elephant Lazy 7/14 Black Safe Crazy
トビオ Doc Rabbit Lazy 3/16 Light Blue Formal Crazy
ドレミ Doeraymi Fawn Normal 3/26 Beige Safe Rock
どぐろう Dogurou Hamster Lazy 10/19 Beige Old Fancy
とめ Dora Mouse Normal 2/18 Purple Traditional Crazy
マーサ Dotty Rabbit Peppy 3/14 Black Modern Formal
フォアグラ Drake Duck Lazy 6/25 Brown Modern Fancy
ドク Drift Frog Athletic 10/9 Orange Crazy Fancy
キザノホマレ Ed Horse Smug 9/16 Black Crazy Old
しもやけ Egbert Chicken Lazy 10/14 Red Old Traditional
モンこ Elise Monkey Snobby 3/21 Colorful Formal Old
サブレ Elmer Horse Lazy 10/5 Green Safe Crazy
エレフィン Eloise Elephant Snobby 12/8 Green Formal Crazy
キング Elvis Lion Grumpy 7/23 Grey Gorgeous Safe
モヘア Eunice Sheep Normal 4/3 Black Safe Gorgeous
シベリア Fang Wolf Grumpy 12/18 Beige Formal Fancy
みかっち Felicity Cat Peppy 3/30 Beige Fancy Crazy
リッキー Filbert Squirrel Lazy 6/3 Green Safe Gorgeous
レイラ Flo Penguin Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 9/2 Purple Gorgeous Modern
フララ Flora Ostrich Peppy 2/9 Pink Modern Old
ゆきみ Flurry Hamster Normal 1/30 Beige Traditional Sporty
フランソワ Francine Rabbit Snobby 1/22 Blue Gorgeous Old
フラッペ Frappe Penguin Peppy 2/20 Light Blue Fancy Traditional
マグロ Freckles Duck Peppy 2/19 Colorful Crazy Safe
ツンドラ Freya Wolf Snobby 12/14 Black Rock Modern
サブリナ Friga Penguin Snobby 10/16 Pink Gorgeous Sporty
フリル Frill Sheep Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 2/14 Black Gorgeous Safe
ウェンディ Frita Sheep Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 7/16 Yellow Crazy Formal
コージィ Frobert Frog Athletic 2/8 Colorful Sporty Fancy
ジェシカ Fuchsia Deer Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 9/19 Pink Rock Safe
ふくこ Fukuko Mouse Snobby 9/5 Purple Traditional Sporty
ふみたろう Fumitarou Bird Athletic 7/25 Beige Sporty Formal
ペチカ Gabi Rabbit Peppy 12/16 Brown Gorgeous Formal
ためこ Gala Pig Normal 3/5 Pink Fancy Rock
モサキチ Gaston Rabbit Grumpy 10/28 Green Crazy Safe
アリゲッティ Gayle Gator Normal 5/17 White Fancy Old
ゲンジ Genji Rabbit Athletic 1/21 Green Traditional Safe
リンダ Gigi Frog Snobby 8/11 Black Gorgeous Sporty
ちとせ Gladys Ostrich Normal 1/15 Green Traditional Modern
スワンソン Gloria Duck Snobby 8/12 Black Gorgeous Fancy
キャラメル Goldie Dog Normal 12/27 White Safe Crazy
ケンタ Goose Chicken Athletic 10/4 White Safe Fancy
グラハム Graham Hamster Smug 6/20 Orange Old Gorgeous
ムー Grizzly Bear Grumpy 7/31 Brown Safe Gorgeous
クロー Groucho Bear Grumpy 10/23 Black Old Gorgeous
ビリー Gruff Goat Grumpy 8/29 Purple Old Fancy
ポーラ Gwen Penguin Snobby 1/23 Purple Gorgeous Crazy
ハムスケ Hamlet Hamster Athletic 5/30 Orange Safe Formal
ハムジ Hamphrey Hamster Grumpy 2/25 Black Old Crazy
ハナコ Hanako Cow Snobby 2/28 Colorful Modern Sporty
オリバー Harry Hippopotamus Grumpy 1/7 Light Blue Old Fancy
アイSquirrel Hazel Squirrel Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 8/30 Orange Traditional Gorgeous
ヘンリー Henry Frog Smug 9/21 Light Blue Safe Formal
デイビッド Hippeux Hippopotamus Smug 10/15 Light Blue Gorgeous Crazy
ダルマン Hopper Penguin Grumpy 4/6 Yellow Rock Modern
クッチャネ Hugh Pig Lazy 12/30 Blue Modern Formal
ハルク Hulk Eagle Grumpy 7/30 Grey Rock Formal
ハイド Hyde Gator Athletic 11/15 Colorful Rock Modern
のりまき Iggly Penguin Athletic 11/2 Blue Safe Traditional
エスメラルダ Jambette Frog Normal 10/27 Brown Modern Rock
ツバクロ Jay Bird Athletic 7/17 Blue Sporty Old
クワトロ Jeremiah Frog Lazy 7/8 Blue Safe Gorgeous
ジーニョ Jitters Bird Athletic 2/2 Yellow Sporty Fancy
ジョッキー Jockey Bird Smug 6/22 Green Crazy Gorgeous
リチャード Joey Duck Lazy 1/3 Purple Safe Rock
ジュリー Julian Horse Smug 3/15 Light Blue Gorgeous Rock
かぶきち Kabuki Cat Grumpy 11/29 Purple Old Modern
ケイン Kane Ostrich Smug 11/27 Blue Traditional Modern
カンロク Kanroku Kangaroo Grumpy 4/24 Grey Traditional Modern
ちょい Katt Cat Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 4/27 Purple Rock Formal
フランク Keaton Eagle Smug 6/1 Light Blue Crazy Safe
イノッチ Kevin Pig Athletic 4/26 Orange Sporty Formal
1ごう Kid Cat Cat Athletic 8/1 Red Sporty Old
やさお Kidd Goat Smug 6/28 Grey Formal Crazy
キャビア Kiki Cat Normal 10/8 Brown Safe Crazy
アップリケ Kitt Kangaroo Normal 10/11 Beige Formal Sporty
ショコラ Kitty Cat Snobby 2/15 White Formal Rock
キンカク Knox Chicken Grumpy 11/23 Brown Traditional Crazy
アイダホ Kody Bear Cub Athletic 9/28 Colorful Sporty Modern
コユキ Koyuki Tiger Peppy 12/13 White Modern Traditional
クマロス Kumarosu Bear Smug 3/31 Grey Old Fancy
クロベエ Kurobee Chicken Smug 12/23 Purple Traditional Fancy
リカルド Kyle Wolf Smug 12/6 Grey Rock Gorgeous
ヒョウタ Leonardo Tiger Athletic 5/15 Orange Sporty Formal
レイニー Lily Frog Normal 2/4 Green Fancy Sporty
らっきょ Limberg Mouse Grumpy 10/17 Green Old Formal
ライオネル Lionel Lion Smug 7/29 Grey Old Crazy
ブンジロウ Lobo Wolf Grumpy 11/5 Black Old Formal
ラムネ Lolly Cat Normal 3/27 Yellow Safe Traditional
トムソン Lopez Deer Smug 8/20 Grey Crazy Fancy
ラッキー Lucky Dog Lazy 11/4 Purple Crazy Traditional
ルーシー Lucy Pig Normal 6/2 Orange Fancy Modern
オズモンド Lyman Koala Athletic 10/12 Green Formal Gorgeous
チャンプ Mac Dog Athletic 11/11 Red Sporty Gorgeous
アンヌ Maelle Duck Snobby 4/8 White Modern Sporty
スミモモ Mallary Duck Snobby 11/17 Brown Modern Traditional
メープル Maple Bear Cub Normal 6/15 Yellow Safe Crazy
もんじゃ Marcel Dog Lazy 12/31 Green Traditional Fancy
サリー Margie Elephant Normal 1/28 Brown Traditional Rock
マリア Maria Kangaroo Normal 5/31 Beige Fancy Rock
マリリン Marilyn Tiger Snobby 11/22 Purple Gorgeous Old
タコリーナ Marina Octopus Normal 6/26 Pink Formal Sporty
ジュン Marshal Squirrel Smug 9/29 Light Blue Gorgeous Crazy
ペーター Martin Fawn Lazy 4/5 Beige Safe Rock
マスカラス Mascaras Bird Smug 12/12 Red Sporty Safe
アザラク Mathilda Kangaroo Snobby 11/12 Black Rock Traditional
アデレード Melba Koala Normal 4/12 Green Safe Crazy
さっち Merry Cat Peppy 6/29 Light Blue Fancy Old
うずまき Midge Bird Normal 3/12 Pink Traditional Rock
ミミィ Mimyi Rabbit Peppy 3/3 White Fancy Old
ミント Mint Squirrel Snobby 5/2 Blue Formal Crazy
ミラコ Mirako Rabbit Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 7/6 Yellow Rock Safe
ミランダ Miranda Duck Snobby 4/23 Yellow Gorgeous Sporty
マール Mitzi Cat Normal 9/25 Brown Old Traditional
みやび Miyabi Anteater Normal 2/6 Red Traditional Sporty
ジンペイ Moe Cat Lazy 1/12 Colorful Sporty Gorgeous
カモミ Molly Duck Normal 3/7 Beige Formal Sporty
ジェーン Monique Cat Snobby 9/30 Pink Gorgeous Sporty
サルモンティ Monty Monkey Grumpy 12/7 Blue Traditional Formal
ピン Moose Mouse Athletic 9/13 Yellow Crazy Modern
リック Mott Lion Athletic 7/10 Light Blue Traditional Crazy
スミ Nan Goat Normal 8/24 Black Safe Crazy
チッチ Nana Monkey Normal 8/23 Colorful Fancy Traditional
バッカス Nate Bear Lazy 8/16 White Safe Modern
ガリガリ Nibbles Squirrel Peppy 7/19 Brown Fancy Rock
ノルマン Norman Cow Grumpy 12/29 Light Blue Old Sporty
ちゅんのすけ Nosuke Bird Athletic 11/20 Grey Old Fancy
おくたろう Octavian Octopus Grumpy 9/20 Red Formal Sporty
サントス O'Hare Rabbit Smug 7/24 Orange Modern Gorgeous
オカッピ Okape Horse Lazy 1/10 Beige Safe Fancy
アントニオ Olaf Anteater Smug 5/19 Red Formal Modern
オリビア Olivia Cat Snobby 2/3 White Modern Sporty
オパール Opal Elephant Snobby 1/20 White Formal Sporty
おさい Osai Rhinoceros Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 5/28 Purple Rock Safe
ドングリ Ozzie Koala Lazy 5/7 Brown Traditional Crazy
パTiger Pango Anteater Peppy 11/9 Orange Modern Sporty
ナッキー Pate Duck Peppy 2/23 Yellow Modern Formal
パティ Patti Rhinoceros Normal 3/19 Beige Formal Crazy
カルピ Patty Cow Peppy 5/10 Red Modern Traditional
ドサコ Peaches Horse Normal 11/28 Pink Fancy Sporty
ももこ Peanut Squirrel Peppy 6/8 Red Fancy Old
レベッカ Pecan Squirrel Snobby 9/10 Red Formal Sporty
ダンベル Peewee Gorilla Grumpy 9/11 Grey Sporty Formal
ちえり Peggy Pig Peppy 5/23 Blue Sporty Formal
ジャスミン Pekoe Bear Cub Normal 5/18 Brown Traditional Crazy
チューこ Penelope Mouse Peppy 2/5 Pink Fancy Traditional
セバスチャン Pierce Eagle Athletic 1/8 Blue Sporty Traditional
ジュペッティ Pietro Sheep Smug 4/19 Colorful Crazy Safe
タンタン Pinky Bear Peppy 9/9 Red Fancy Rock
ロッタ Pippy Rabbit Peppy 6/14 Pink Safe Crazy
のりっぺ Pompom Duck Peppy 2/11 Light Blue Fancy Rock
ポンチョ Poncho Bear Cub Athletic 1/2 Orange Safe Gorgeous
グミ Poppy Squirrel Normal 8/5 Green Modern Crazy
ブレンダ Portia Dog Snobby 10/25 White Modern Traditional
カール Prince Frog Lazy 7/21 Green Old Formal
ホッケー Puck Penguin Lazy 2/21 Blue Sporty Traditional
チョキ Puddles Frog Peppy 1/13 Pink Gorgeous Old
きんぞう Pudge Bear Cub Lazy 6/11 Blue Old Fancy
ビンタ Punchy Cat Lazy 4/11 Blue Safe Traditional
たま Purrl Cat Snobby 5/29 Grey Traditional Sporty
タキュ Queenie Ostrich Snobby 11/13 Black Gorgeous Safe
レイチェル Rachel Bear Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 3/22 Orange Crazy Safe
グレオ Rasher Pig Grumpy 4/7 Black Rock Safe
ユメコ Rhonda Rhinoceros Normal 1/24 White Gorgeous Traditional
ガチャ Ribbot Frog Athletic 2/13 Grey Crazy Safe
カジロウ Ricky Squirrel Grumpy 9/14 Light Blue Traditional Gorgeous
リリィ Riryi Wolf Normal 3/24 Light Blue Fancy Crazy
ちょろきち Rizzo Mouse Grumpy 1/17 Green Traditional Modern
ペンタ Roald Penguin Athletic 1/5 Orange Safe Modern
パーチク Robin Bird Snobby 12/4 Light Blue Formal Sporty
ゴンザレス Rocco Hippopotamus Grumpy 8/18 Yellow Traditional Formal
4ごう Rocket Gorilla Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 4/14 Pink Sporty Formal
ロッキー Rocky Koala Smug 10/26 Black Rock Traditional
ジャン Rod Mouse Athletic 8/14 Purple Rock Traditional
ロデオ Rodeo Cow Lazy 10/29 Red Old Crazy
ジミー Rodney Hamster Smug 11/10 Colorful Crazy Modern
チョモラン Rolf Tiger Grumpy 8/22 Yellow Traditional Gorgeous
マイク Rooney Kangaroo Grumpy 12/1 Red Sporty Modern
アーサー Rory Lion Athletic 8/7 Red Traditional Gorgeous
シュバルツ Roscoe Horse Grumpy 6/16 Black Rock Fancy
ブーケ Rosie Cat Peppy 2/27 Red Fancy Sporty
ゴメス Rowan Tiger Athletic 8/26 Yellow Rock Crazy
ルナ Ruby Rabbit Peppy 12/25 Yellow Modern Rock
パセリ Sally Squirrel Normal 9/4 Green Formal Sporty
ララミー Sally/Hazel Squirrel Normal 6/19 Yellow Formal Crazy
ピース Samson Mouse Athletic 7/5 Colorful Modern Rock
さすけ Sasuke Monkey Athletic 11/21 Yellow Sporty Modern
サバンナ Savannah Horse Normal 1/25 Grey Modern Old
マモル Scoot Duck Athletic 6/13 Blue Sporty Old
シェリー Shari Monkey Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 4/10 Beige Fancy Traditional
クSquirrel Sheldon Squirrel Athletic 2/26 Orange Rock Modern
ボブ Shep Dog Smug 11/24 Beige Old Crazy
しのぶ Shinobu Ostrich Snobby 12/21 White Formal Modern
エテキチ Simon Monkey Lazy 1/19 Colorful Sporty Formal
モモチ Snake Rabbit Athletic 11/3 Black Sporty Modern
シャンティ Soleil Hamster Snobby 8/9 Orange Modern Rock
ヒノコ Sparks Ostrich Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 4/22 Yellow Gorgeous Traditional
ポーク Spork Pig Lazy 9/3 Green Safe Traditional
スパーク Static Squirrel Grumpy 7/9 Black Rock Fancy
ギンカク Sterling Eagle Athletic 12/11 Blue Old Crazy
アセクサ Stinky Cat Athletic 8/17 Blue Sporty Formal
パッチ Stitches Bear Cub Lazy 2/10 Colorful Crazy Traditional
スナイル Sunairu Gorilla Smug 12/5 Grey Formal Gorgeous
シドニー Sydney Koala Normal 6/21 Brown Traditional Sporty
シルビア Sylvia Kangaroo Big Sister/Uchi/Aneki 5/3 Pink Gorgeous Old
トラこ Tabby Cat Peppy 8/13 Black Sporty Safe
タイシ Taishi Frog Grumpy 7/18 Red Traditional Fancy
タックン Takkun Duck Smug 12/22 Orange Sporty Safe
タコヤ Takoya Octopus Lazy 3/8 Yellow Formal Sporty
エイプリル Tammi Monkey Peppy 4/2 Brown Crazy Modern
ヒャクパー Tangy Cat Peppy 6/17 Orange Crazy Old
くるぶし Tank Rhinoceros Athletic 5/6 Green Rock Modern
タツオ Tatsuro Gator Lazy 2/12 Red Traditional Fancy
ボルシチ T-Bone Cow Grumpy 5/20 Grey Old Fancy
たいへいた Teddy Bear Athletic 9/26 Black Safe Gorgeous
テッチャン Tetchan Cow Athletic 4/29 Red Sporty Modern
ボルト Tex Penguin Smug 10/6 Purple Rock Formal
トンファン T-Fan Pig Smug 10/13 Grey Gorgeous Safe
バズレー Tiffany Rabbit Snobby 1/9 Red Rock Formal
ティファニー Tiffany #2 Eagle Normal 3/25 Pink Fancy Old
ティーナ Tina Elephant Normal 11/18 Beige Fancy Rock
まきば Tipper Cow Snobby 8/25 Colorful Crazy Old
トキオ Tokio Ostrich Lazy 9/23 Red Modern Formal
バンタム Tom Cat Grumpy 12/10 Brown Rock Fancy
トンコ Truffles Pig Peppy 7/28 Pink Fancy Traditional
つかさ Tsukase Sheep Snobby 10/21 Brown Gorgeous Traditional
はじめ Tucker Elephant Lazy 9/7 Orange Traditional Rock
れんにゅう Tutu Bear Peppy 9/15 Pink Fancy Sporty
ピーチク Twiggy Bird Peppy 7/13 Blue Crazy Formal
ピティエ Velma Goat Snobby 1/14 Purple Formal Rock
メリヤス Vesta Sheep Normal 4/16 Orange Old Rock
セントアロー Victoria Horse Peppy 7/11 Red Sporty Formal
ウズメ Violet Gorilla Snobby 9/1 Pink Old Rock
ガビ Vladimir Bear Cub Grumpy 8/2 Yellow Crazy Safe
ベン Walker Dog Lazy 6/10 Red Old Gorgeous
サム Wart Jr Frog Grumpy 8/21 Green Old Gorgeous
みぞれ Wendy Sheep Peppy 8/15 White Crazy Old
ビアンカ Whitney Wolf Snobby 9/17 Purple Gorgeous Sporty
マリー Willow Sheep Snobby 11/26 White Fancy Old
マキバスター Winnie Horse Peppy 1/31 Colorful Modern Rock
ロボ Wolfgang Wolf Grumpy 11/25 Black Modern Gorgeous
ユーカリ Yuka Koala Snobby 7/20 White Modern Crazy
ネルソン Zell Deer Smug 6/7 Purple Modern Fancy
ぶー Boo Lizard Clumsy 8/8 White Old Modern
レナ Rena Snake Angry 1/13 Black Crazy  Safe


Name About Upgrades
Your house Your house. Larger rooms/new rooms/upstairs/downstairs/basement/attic/backyard
Villager's houses Villager's homes. None
Town Hall Town Hall is just as it's called. It's Town Hall where you can speak with Spark all the time. None
Ye Ol' Shop The main shop of the game ran by Amos. You can buy many things and use the Quarter Machine for four-hundred bells. Ye New Shop (bigger)
Ye Shop O' Wonders (two floors)
Ye Ol' Shop O' Shops (three floors)
Amy's Outfits The main clothes store in the game ran by Amy. Amy's Amazing Outfits (three floors)
Mine It is a mine in the game. After getting the pickaxe tool, you can go mining and you can get many gems. You can get the most common gem, emeralds, you can get the second most common gem, rubies, you can get the third most common gem, sapphires, and you can get the rarest gem, diamonds. None
Desert Sands Cafe Desert Sands Cafe is the new version of The Roost. None
Museum The museum. Gift shop

The Quarter Machine

The Quarter Machine is the new fortune cookie. You spend four-hundred bells to get an item. Most of the time it is random furniture, but sometimes it is special prizes such as the Majora's Mask.


In the game Silver Tools were removed.

Name About
Shovel With the shovel you can dig up fossils and Gryoids. You can also plant fruit and get a fruit tree.
Golden Shovel With the Golden Shovel you can get the ability to dig up the Golden Gryoid. It sells for twelve-thousand bells and you have a one percent chance of digging it up.
Fishing Rod With the fishing rod you can catch fish.
Golden Fishing Rod With the Golden Fishing Rod you can catch the Golden Fish. Even with the Golden Fishing Rod it only has a one percent chance of appearing.
Net With the net you can catch bugs.
Golden Net With the Golden Net you can catch the Golden Bug. Even with the Golden Net the Golden Net it still only has a one percent chance of appearing.
Pickaxe With the pickaxe you can go mining.
Golden Pickaxe With the Golden Pickaxe you have a higher chance of getting diamonds.