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In this game you become king of your very own country, in which you can build towns.




King = You

Servants = Rover The Cat & Buster The Dog 

Jester = Shrunk The Axolotl

Chef = Sharon The Dragon

Guards = Booker The Dog & Copper The Dog

Tailor = Sable The Hedgehog


Mayors = Isabelle The Dog, Tortimer The Tortoise, Digby The Dog, Benny The Elephant and Bizzy The Anteater

Cafe Owners/Workers = Brewster The Pigeon, Brewy The Pigeon, Betty The Pigeon and Jim The Camel

Sailors = Gulliver The Seagul and Jarred The Warthog

Corner Shop Employee`s = Tommy The Tanooki, Timmy The Tanooki and Tracey The Tanooki

Fortune Teller`s = Wisp The Geenee and Katrina The Panther


Post Office Employees = Pelly The Pellican, Pete The Pellican, Phyliss The Pellican And Bob The Bull

Charity Shop Volunteers = Cyrus The Llama, Reese The Llama, Congo The Monkey and Reagan The Llama

Clothes Shop Employees = Gracie The Giraffe, Mable The Hedgehog And Labelle The Hedgehog

Museum Volunteers = Blathers The Owl, Celeste The Owl, Bothers The Owl and Shelly The Unicorn

Phone Shop Employees = Ding The Koala And Dong The Koala

Club Entertainers = Frillard The Lizard, K.K. The Dog, K.K.JR The Dog, Blanka The Cat and Mix The Bear

Dream Suite Owner = Luna The Tapir

Hair Dressers = Harriet The Dog, Boris The Flamingo and Derrick The Whale.

Supermarket Employees = Tilly The Tadpole, Fred The Frog, Annabelle The Pig, Boom The Bear and G The Hippo

Esate Agents = Tom The Dog, Lyle The Otter, Adrian The Crocodile and Beep The Goldfish

Art Shop Owners = Redd The Fox and Bluue The Fox

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