Animal Crossing: Bustling Town is a game made by BreakfastSquad and will published by Fantendo for the Wii U in Summer 2016. In it, the player plays as a Villager in a town with animals as the inhabitants.

Character Creation

When the player is riding the Trolley to their town, they must answer the questions Rover asks.

  1. First, the player must type in their name using the Wii U Gamepad.
  2. Second, the player must choose their gender.
  3. Third, the player must answer many questions to determine what their character will look like.
  4. Fourth, the player must choose a map.
  5. Finally, the player must name the town they are going to.

After the player does this, Kapp'n will tell the player that they have reached their stop, Rover says goodbye, and the player leaves into the town.



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