The Lost Sister Quest

You Must Find Labelle,After This Quest Mabel And Sabel Will Join You.

How To Find Her:

Go To Smashville And Find Timmy And Tommy,They will Direct You To A Katrina's Shop,She Will Tell You About The Three Sisters Past,After That She Will Teleport You To The Post Office In Animal Town,Tom Nook Will Give You A Letter That Is About The Middle Able Sister,Then Go To The Able Sister's,And Talk To Mabel She Will Read The Letter,And She Will Present It To Sable,After Reading They Will Join.

Timmy And Tommy

There are Two Ways To Unlock Them.

Catalog Completion

The Hard One,The Easiest Thing To Do This Is To Buy Everything In Nook's Shop,Everyday,Once The Catalog Is Complete,They Will Join You.

Challenge Them

You Must Fight Timmy And Tommy.WARNING:They Are Very Strong,Just Two Hits You will Faint.


This Is The Only Way For You To Unlock The Strongest Character.

Weapon Upgrade

Upgrade A Weapon To Max Level,But Beware When Upgrading,The Rate Of Going To The Next Level Will Decrease,When It Does The Level Will Go Back To Zero,Like If It's The Level Of 99(Max Is 100)The Rate Of The Upgrade Will Be 1%.