Animal Crossing: Apartment Craze
Animal Crossing Apartment Craze
Developer(s) Nitty's Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Portable
Release Date(s)
November 13th, 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Life Simulation
Media Included Game Card

Animal Crossing: Apartment Craze is a spinoff to the Animal Crossing series, and is heavily influenced by Tomodachi Life. It is confirmed that there will be more locations and activities than Tomodachi Life, and a different system in getting new residents.


Location Manager
Crossing Apartments Isabelle
Club LOL Dr. Shrunk and KK Slider
Pawn Shop Reese
Nook Interiors Tom Nook
Kapp'n's Island Attractions Kapp'n
Clothes For Villagers Able Sisters
Happy Homes Digby
Import Pete
Crazy Redd's Foodmart Redd

Isabelle's QuestsEdit

Isabelle's Quests are miniquests that send you to go on hunts, games and more in order to unlock characters. When you complete a quest, you get a character to move into your apartment. Each animal will have a unique quest.


Event Description Dates Host
New Years Winter Festival Set off fireworks in your town, and build snowmen based around your villagers! January 1 - January 14 None
Valentines Go on blind dates, and collect hearts to trade in for some lovely prizes! February 1 - February 21 Brewster
St. Patricks Celebration Paint the town green, and play an exclusive luck game at Shamrock Fields!! March 8 - March 21 None
Easter Zipper T. Bunny has hidden eggs all over! Collect them and trade them in for some amazing prizes! Two weeks before Easter - One Week After Easter Zipper T. Bunny
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Create your own tacos, and have a fun Casa Fiesta April 29 - May 14 None
Summer Kick-Off The entire island has been turned into a tropical paradise, and collect tropical fruits for some hot prizes! June 15 - June 30 Tortimer
Festival of Fireworks Once again, design some fireworks, and celebrate your island's pride with special character items! July 1 - July 14 None
Harvest Collect apples off the trees and trade them for some fall fashions. Enjoy some new special locations as well ;) August 22 - September 7 Franklin
Sports Fair Play some sporty minigames in order to compete for trophy prizes. September 15 - September 28 None
Halloween There is a Halloween invasion, and candy is EVERYWHERE! Collect candy in order to trade them in for... SWEET prizes :D October 15 - October 31 Jack
Bug Off and Fishing Tourney The leaderboards for fishing and bug-offing are here for two weeks. Who will come out on top? November 8 - November 21 None
Christmas Deliver presents and collect them in order to trade em for gifts... and make sure you check back for Jingle's Daily Quests December 8 - December 31 Jingle