Animal Crossing: Adventures 'round Town
Developer(s) Annoying Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U

Animal Crossing: Adventures 'round Town is a upcoming game in the Animal Crossing series developed by Annoying Inc. for Wii U.

New Features


So umm... may I ask your name?

AC:ART introduces new customization features such as height and skin tone. Instead of saying "are you black or white?" Rover will let you pick a Mii from your Mii maker to have the same skin tone as. Also from the beginning you can choose your hair style, eye color, hair color and nose shape. Like New Leaf, you can name your town and choose from four completely different maps.


Once again you take the role as mayor only this time there are more ordinances and public works projects. Also Isabelle now wears here green top all year 'round.

Bumpy Road

Main article: Bumpy Road

Bumpy Road is a minigame where you race a car in a grand-prix of four courses. Two cups are unlocked from the start and two more can be bought from Rover's garage along with more cars.

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