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Title Card-Woodland Wonders

Boxart-American(Woodland Wonders)


Developer(s) Yveltal717,Neon the Spelunker and CSketch
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Release Date(s)
Flag of USA-February 2015

Flag of Japan-January 2015

Flag of Europe-February 2015

Canada-March 2015

Flag of Australia-April 2015

Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating CERO A
Genre(s) Life Simulation

|}- Animal Crossing:Woodland Wonders (Dōbutsu no mori:Uddorando Fushigi in Japan) is an upcoming life simulation game for the Wii U,that is set for release in early 2015. It is the 5th installement of the Animal Crossing series,and it is being being developed by Yveltal717,Neon the Spelunker and CSketch released by Fantendo.

Like most animal Crossing Games,the player goes through life,while interacting with the other residents in the village.Also,similar to that of New Leaf the player can become the mayor of the town that you are living in,except the town can now support Twenty villagers instead of the normal amount of ten.Also,new species of villagers,Marriage,New Buildings and Children have been added into the game.

Starting Out

Like most Animal Crossing games,when a new save file is started a navy Blue cat named  "Rover"  approches the player's sillouette.He will introduce himself and begin to ask a series of questions involving your destination.He will first ask you about the name of the town,and will then show you a multitude of maps,trying to guess the town your are going to.

(Whatever map you choose, determines the layout of the town).

"Rover" will then continue to ask  three questions about you.This is a list of the questions he will ask and the outcomes that come with them.

(Depending on how you answer his questions,determines how your appearance)


Question 1 Responses
Have you been to the town that you are moving to?
  • Not at all
  • Why should I tell you
  • I've been there once.
  • I've been there dozens of times
  • I never really knew of it's existance until a little while back
Question 2 Responses
Why are you moving there,is there a specific reason for you to do so?
  • I'm looking for new oppertunities
  • Seriously,why should I tell you.....
  • That one experience there made me want to move
  • I love going there year,after year
  • I wanna learn about this new place....
Question 3 Responses
What are you gonna do when you get to the town?
  • I'm going to settle down
  • Please,stop talking to me......
  • I'm going to find a job there
  • I'm going to visit all of the places again
  • I want to explore this new area
Final Response Responses
Well,I hope you have a great time in your new town,bro.
  • Thank you,I will.
  • I'm not a boy,but thank you very much.

Player Outcomes


Male Villager Outcomes
Face 1 (Boys)-Woodland Wonders Face 2 (Boys)-Woodland Wonders Face 3-Woodland Wonder (Boy) Face 4-Woodland Wonder (Boy) Face 5-Woodland Wonder (Boy)
Face 6-Woodland Wonder (Boy) Face 7-Woodland Wonder (Boy) Face 8-Woodland Wonder (Boy) Face 9-Woodland Wonder (Boy) Face 10-Woodland Wonder (Boy)
Face 11-Woodland Wonder (Boy) Face 12-Woodland Wonder (Boy) Face 13-Woodland Wonder (Boy) Face 14-Woodland Wonder (Boy) Face 15-Woodland Wonder (Boy)


Female Villager Outcomes



In most Animal Crossing games,villagers are  Animal Crossing:Woodland Wonders/Villagers

Main Street

Main Street is the central hub of the village. It is found to the north of most villages and it is always really busy,because of the wide range of stores and businesses.Everything that you may need for your village life can usually be found here,so keep on going daily to find new items and trinkets.

Stores - (Original)

Nookling Junction

If you are in need of some tools or items, the Nookling Junction owned by Timmy and Tommy Nook is the place to go. At first this store may seem small  with the limited amount of items it contains,but as time progresses the store,like most others will progressingly get bigger and bigger,and will eventually contain most of the things that you desire.


Owners Evolution Criteria


Timmy and Tommy Nook

*Nookling General*

  • Spend 10,000 Bells
  • Be the mayor for more than 2 weeks (14 days)
  • Upgrade to a house

*Nookling Mart*

  • Spend 30,000 Bells
  • Nookling General has to be open for more than 3 weeks (21 days)
  • Unlock Leif's Gardening shop

*Nookling Emporium*

  • Spend over 80,000 Bells
  • Nookling Mart has to be open for more than 2 monthes.
  • Player must pass 2 Gracie Fashion Checks

*Tim & Tom department store*

  • Spend over 100,000 Bells
  • Nookling Emporium has to be open for 4 monthes
  • Player must pass 6 Gracie Fashion Checks

Nookling Junction Evolution
Nookling Junction Nookling General  Nookling Mart Nookling Emporium Tim & Tom department store

Nook's Homes

Are you in need of a house or some home renovation,well Mr. Tom Nook is just the guy for you. Not only will Tom provide you with a home,he will also make slight changes to your home's appearance to also suit your needs.

Owners Evolution Criteria

Tom Nook-Woodland Wonders

Tom Nook

*Nook's Happy Houses*

  • Spend 50,000 Bells
  • Have an Upstair in your House
  • Buy 15 Items from the Nooklings

*Nook's Preppy Places*

  • Spend 100,000 Bells
  • Score more than 5000 point in the HHA evaluation
  • But 20 Items from the Nooklings

*Tom's Humble Sanctuary*

  • Spend over 150,000 Bells
  • Score more than 10,000 points in the HHA evalutation
  • Player must have a basement

Nook's Home Evolution
Nook's Home Nook's Happy Houses  Nook's Preppy Places Tom's Humble Sanctuary

Post Office

Do you ever need to send something important in the mail,or letter an old friend or maybe a relative,well this is the building for you.Not only can you send letters and packages,you can also recieve them,so start to expect some

Owners Evolution Criteria


Phylis and Pelly

*Pelican Post*

  • Send 50 Different Letters
  • Buy 5 different Stationaries

Post Office Evolution
Post Office Pelican Post

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