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Animal Babies 2: The Return of Sharpbeak

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Animal Babies 2: The Return of Sharpbeak
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Interplay
Release Date(s)
Christmas 2013
Animal Babies 2: The Return of Sharpbeak is a 2013 video game by Interplay and Nintendo.


After 14 Animals defeated Sharpbeak and returned home to their new parents, 2 new animal babies Fifi the Skunk and Toot the Elephant are now trapped in 2 new worlds. It is up to Roary, Trixie and the other animals to find the 2 and return them to their new parents. Meanwhile, Sharpbeak had 90,000 eggs and hatched into a lot of baby vultures called Sharplings. The Sharplings need to catch the babies and capture them to boil them for animal soup.


Roary the Tiger

Trixie the Deer

Misty the Otter

Legend the Phoenix


Vixie the Fox (Trapped In the Big Egg in World 3: Dinoland)

Bouncer the Rabbit (Tied up in ropes in World 2: Pirate Island)

Freezer the Seal








Fifi the Skunk (Female) (Stuck on the Boss 1 of World 1: The Grasslands)

Toot the Elephant (Male) (As A Mutant at the final boss of World 10: Sharpbeak's Castle. Normal after Sharpbeak's 2nd defeat)


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