Animal Babies is a series created by Interplay and Nintendo. The Series has baby animals on an adventure to fight Sharpbeak and his minions The Sharplings. In Animal Babies 2: The Return of Sharpbeak, An Ostrich named Featherly takes care of the babies at tne Happyhug Daycare.

List of Babies debuted in Animal Babies 1

Roary The Tiger

Gina The Giraffe

Boris The Bear

Petunia The Penguin

Draco The Dragon

Jeepers The Monkey

Vixie The Fox

Legend The Phoenix

Misty The Otter

Trixie The Deer

Bouncer The Rabbit

Freezer The Seal

Tiki The Toucan

Spike The Porcupine

List of Babies debuted in Animal Babies 2

Fifi The Skunk

Toot The Elephant

List of Babies debuted in Animal Babies 3

Celestia The Pegasus

Chucky The Hyena

Pouncer The Lion

Heather The Hippo

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