Animal Babies
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Interplay
Platform(s) Wii


Release Date(s)
July 31, 2013
Party Mode

Story Mode Adventure Mode Mini Games Mode

Age Rating(s)
E (US)

PG (AU) U (UK) 0 (JP)

Genre(s) Action
Animal Babies is a 2013 video game for the Wii and 3DS and Regular DS.


Once upon a time, A stork named Splitluck was always bringing new baby animals to the world. One day, He was carrying 14 new baby animals to each habitat until an evil vulture named Sharpbeak knocked down the stork and all 14 babys are falling to strange worlds. After the fall, A little tiger cub named Roary got out and was seeing a weird world he got into. He has to find his friends before they all get lost forever.

Playable Character

Roary the Tiger (Male)

Unlockable Characters

Gina the Giraffe (Female)

Boris the Bear (Male)

Petunia the Penguin (Female)

Draco the Dragon (Male)

Jeepers the Monkey (Male)

Vixie the Fox (Female)

Legend the Phoenix (Male)

Misty the Otter (Female)

Trixie the Deer (Female)

Bouncer the Rabbit (Male)

Freezer the Seal (Male)

Tiki the Toucan (Male)

Spike the Porcupine (Male)


Big Bad Lizard (World 1)

Sniper (World 2)

Fat Cat (World 3)

More to come.

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