Level 1

The level starts with Jake, Chelsea, and Chris in the ruins of the bank. To the right is an area where there is a cop car that is blocking off part of the area. To the left is Booker, the person you need to talk to. He will tell you that the mole tracks are right near here, but he can't remember where. He then gives you the magnifying glass item. Move upward near the police tape and use the magnifying glass, which will reveal mole tracks, going off into the city.

The second cutscene will now play.

Level 2

The level starts with the group in the city. Copper is about 3feet to your left, and one your right, about 12feet is a paper on the ground.Go talk to Copper. He will tell you that the culprit's tracks disappeared in the city, so he could be anywhere. Your job is to find where he went. Various animals are walking around, and there are many buildings, Crazy Redd's, Katrina's Fortunes, Shampoodle, Gracie Grace, Auction House, HRA Headquarters, and the Marquee. Copper will then give you a flashlight, a notebook and a pouch to carry your things in. You can go in any building you want first, but an important building is Gracie Grace. Go inside and Labelle (off screen) will scream, and will be looking to your right. Walk to her and talk to her. She will say that their most prized clothing collection the Gracie is Graceful collection, worth up to 95, 000000 bells. On the ground is a label with a print in it. Pull out your notebook and play a minigame, which will be drawing. Draw the mark and head out of the store to the piece of paper that we saw earlier. It is another label, with the same mark in it. Head to the Marquee, where Dr. Shrunk will be worrying. Talk to him and he'll say that someone stole the stage from him, literally! Walk into the theatre, but the lights are off, so turn on your flashlight. Walk around and on the ground you will see something shiny. Chris will run over to it and say "this is a gold colored Wii Remote". A short cutscene will play. After the cutscene look around for the book Booker dropped, it will likely be in a corner. Once you find the book, go find Booker, who will be in the lobby, and talk to him. He'll say that he thinks he saw something happening at the fountain. Go outside and look at the fountain, Chelsea will say that it looks different then when we arrived here, and it does. She will also point out a small broken claw-like item. Pick it up and give it to Copper.

The ending cutscene will now play.

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