Beginning Cutscene (Story) - Level 1

One day Jake the Dog and his friends, Chelsea the Cat and Chris the Squirrel were just walking and talking throgh the park. That's when Jake's canine sense of smell picks up something. Jake follows the smell, with Chelsea and Chris following him. When Jake finds the cause of the smell, something bad has happened. The smell leads the group to ruins of a bank, where police are covering the area. What's going on officer? Jake asks. There was a huge explosion and we rushed over here. We just got here. answers the Police Chief, Copper. Just then, a fatter dog runs in. What do you have to report Booker? asks the chief. Mole *pant* Tracks! *pant* answers Booker. Ok, that narrows it down to about... three people, but one of them is really nice, so two people.. says Copper. If you want we can take a look? says Chris. Yeah! We'll be happy to help! says Chelsea. The chief nods and tells Booker to bring them exactly where he saw the tracks.

This cutscene ends with the beginning of the first level.

I== Ending Cutscene - Level 1 == With the mole tracks found, Copper points out that they are head to the Resetti Reset Center. Copper also gets chief Nook to come meet you. Ah, you must be Jake, Chelsea, and Neal. says a voice from off-screen. Ah! Chief Nook! Get, you made it! Look Jake, Chelsea and 'Chris, here, found mole tracks, leading off to the reset center. explains Copper. Yes, well these three have helped us so far, maybe we could use their help. says Nook. So, we're going to be detectives? asks Chris. Well, Copper, give them their own badges. They are part of the police force now. explains Nook. Awesome! Chris, Jake and Chelsea then high-five.


This cutscene ends with the beginning of the second level.

Beginning Cutscene - Level 2

The group gets off a bus and talks to Copper. There have been various robberies around here, explains Copper, I want you to to check it out! The group agrees and the level starts.

Short Cutscene - Level 2

Booker runs into the theatre and crashes into Chris. Chelsea and Jake will help Booker and Chris up. Thanks. says Booker. Hey have you seen my book? asks Booker, I was supposed to tell you something, and it was in the book. Can you find it for me? OK! says Chris.

The cutscene ends with the continuation of the second level.

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