Angry Birds U is a miscellaneous game for the Wii U and part of the Angry Birds series  making it's first debut on a Nintendo console. Like the previous games it includes many of the traditional Angry Birds elements but includes more birds, new kinds of levels, items and more. It is produced by Fritez Co..




Image Name Description Ability
Red Bird The most basic of the birds and used to be considered the weakest bird. Well that was kinda true having no abilities but this bird is quite angry. Don't tell him that because you know he's a big part of the "Angry" in "Angry Birds". If you make him mad (which is pretty easy) he has a special ability for that. But wait, now having an ability does this make him less, basic? Red Bird is able to almost stop the amount of velocity he has to become extremy enraged destroying anything in his way and damaging strong things.
Blue Bird Despite not having very angry eyes this little bird, well actully can't really pack a punch. Well on his own anyway. Being just as detirmined to find the great golden spoil before the pigs do Blue Bird is always with two other buddies. But not when preparing to launch. I wonder why this is... Blue Bird can create three other bird "clones that spread out at different angles. The Blue Bird can also slip through small passages and even small cannons.
Yellow Bird This bird has a need for speed and needs speed for a need! The Yellow Bird loves anything speedy and also is quite angry with anyone who hits his breaking point. Which is pretty thin. He whould also like to see the golden eggs being the color that he is. Yellow Bird can obtain an extreme boost of velocity speeding him along rapidly causing more damage to anything that touches him.
Black Bird Black Bird has an explosive temper that he always carries along with him. And a fuse-like feather just for a special touch. . Black Bird bombards foes and bricks at maximum force! Just to help out the flock of course. Black Bird at any time can explode damaging anything in a certain range. He explodes sfter a few seconds even if his ability is not used before touching the ground.
White Bird One of the 3 female birds in the game and being a chicken lays eggs. This egg laying can be used as ammo. It doesn't even have to be thrown to wreak terrific havoc on foes! Although being the "mother" of the flock keeping them away from even more  trouble that really doesn't mean she can't crush those foes! White Bird when in the air can lay an egg that propels her up and deals damage to anything around.
Green Bird That large, toucan beak of his gives him the curve in everything! He is the king of comeback and litterly does the same thing physiclly.  His ability is golden to the flock and isn't just in there for his use but also friendship and the birdseed! Green Bird can open up his beek can curve with all new velocity the other way he came. 
Orange Bird Orange Bird loves playing ball but for some reason always ends up being one. He is always oblivious about the reason the flock goes on wild goose chases but that really doesn't matter. He has a big appetite and a sweet tooth when it comes to food, and pulls on pranks for it!  Orange Bird can inflate like a balloon repelling most everything away from him. He also moves very slowly and barely moves while in this state.
Pink Bird The cute, litte "sister" of the birds who adores bubbles! She loves makeup and everything considered "girly". She is very happy, that is when shes not mad which seems to happen in these wild adventures. Despite being the youngest she's one of the most cunning birds! Pink Bird can enclose hershelf in a bubble like "sheild" capturing any items or enemies and making them rise to the top of the screen only for them to come crashing down.
Purple Bird (New) Purple Bird can get rid of all velocity and immediately after use drop to the floor. The player can then launch him again from that spot much like the slingshot but has a smaller jump range.
Brown Bird (New) Brown Bird can simply flip his gravity to hit enemies and catch items on the ceiling. Note that in a distance level the slingshot starts out from the point vertical to the normal ground.

Supporting Characters




Image Name Type Description Purpose
Feather Collectable The player can use these to buy boost items from the Big Brother Bird. They are very common and appear most everywhere throughout a stage. Only up to 500 can held at a time.
Golden Egg Collectable If enough are collected new stages, mini-games and slingshot customization can be bought at Big Brother's Shop.
Super Seeds Booster Before luanching the player can make the bird grow about three times bigger maxing their power and upgrading their ability like making an explosion radius bigger or bubbles. This boost costs 50 feathers.
Dummy Bird Booster Before luanching the player can add an extra, dummy bird to the back of the launching line that has no special ability when launched and only does decent damage. This boost costs 50 feathers. 
Magnet Booster Before launching the player can apply their bird with the ability to home in on any nearby enemies but only lasts for 10 seconds after launching. This boost costs 50 feathers. 
Mighty Eagle Booster An item that defeats all enemies on the screen. A gold medal is not obtained when using this on a level however.
Ice Block/Terrain A weak block that is very slippery when sliding on. It is also very weak and can be destroyed with ease.
Wood Block/Terrain A normal block that is stronger than ice but still pretty weak.
Stone Block/Terrain A block that takes a strong hit or lots of little hits to destroy.  
Electric Block/Terrain A negavite block that knocks a bird unconsis. Cannot be destroyed.
Cannon Other When touched it launches the bird a certain direction.
TNT Other Blows up on contact making the bird go airborne and destroying enemies in a ceratin radius


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