Angry Birds Elements is an upcoming Android IPhone and IPad game.


  • Red Bird - no abilities
  • Yellow Bird - dashed when touched
  • Blue Bird - splits into three when touched
  • Bomb Bird - explodes on contact
  • Purple Bird - passes through glass and wood(not stone) when touched
  • Elemental Bird - can use one of six elements when the bird jumps on the slingshot
  • Pink Bird - blows bubbles on contact. bubbles make surrounding objects go up
  • Orange Bird - inflates on contact
  • Crystal Bird - turns opponent pigs into glass(20%) and crystals(80%)
  • Terence - crashes stone like it is glass
  • Eagle - cost $1.00 for use and crushes everything


  • Pig - basic enemy. no defense
  • Helmet Pig - low defense
  • Grandpa Pig - medium defense
  • Giant Pig - a big pig. medium defense
  • Cloud Pig - a pig disguised as a cloud. you can tell differences by looking for eyes in the clouds
  • Popcorn Pig - miniature pigs that lives on the cookie vault
  • Helmet Popcorn Pig - miniature helmet pigs that live on the cookie vault
  • Cookie Pig - moving pigs that are found across King Pig's Castle
  • Crumb Pig - minuature grandpa pigs found across the cookie vault
  • King Pig - boss of storys 1-3 and 5-6
  • Inferno Pig - boss of story 4-5

Story Levels

Bacon Battle

King Pig steals all the eggs and throws the birds in an elemental world. Fire, Ice, and Wind are introduced to the birds. Fire sets wood and glass on fire. Ice freezes all surfaces and pigs. Wind blows all objects in a single direction. Using the three elements the birds defeat King Pig, although he escapes.

  • New Elements:Fire, Ice, Wind

Twisty Turnout

King Pig flips the gravity making the birds have to fling from the clouds to the ground to get to King Pig. Water makes it rain acid rain and cause the ground to get slippery, making structures fall. The ending cutscene shows King Pig slipping back into the castle, dropping the eggs.

  • New Elements:Water
  • Returning Elements:Wind, Ice, Fire

Cookie Crumbs

King Pig shrinks the birds and puts him on the top of his cookie vault. Goo makes surfaces very bouncey.

  • New Elements:Goo
  • Returning Elements:Fire, Ice, Wind, Water


King Pig makes an inferno pig to burn the nests and the birds and then steal the eggs. Mudslide causes a mudslide dousing all fiery surfaces and soften all stone and wood and breaks all glass.

  • New Elements:Mud
  • Returning Elements:Water, Wind, Ice

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