Angry Birds: Unleashed is a game for the iPod touch, iPad iPhone ds and 3ds . It has new levels, new birds and pigs, and has a Level Editor.


Some of the birds get their official name in the game.

  • Red the red Bird- Fried Eggs and Ham
  • Chuck the Yellow Bird- Fried Eggs and Ham
  • The Blue Birds (Tim, Jake and Jay)- Fried Eggs and Ham
  • Matilda the White Bird- Fried Eggs and Ham
  • Bomb the Black Bird- Picky Pigs
  • Hal the Boomerang Bird- Picky Pigs
  • Terrence the Big Brother Bird- Birds 'n' Bacon
  • Dark the dark Bird- Astro Pigs
  • Twista the Tornado Bird- Picky Pigs
  • Stella the Pink Bird- Picky Pigs
  • Frost the Ice Bird- Frozen Paradise
  • Bubbles the Orange Bird- Volcanic Action
  • Flame the Fire Bird- Volcanic Action
  • Mighty Eagle (Bought for $0.99 on the App Store dsi shop and e shop)
  • Super Mighty Eagle (Bought For Free On The App Store dsi shop and e shop)
  • Nintendo bird- Pigtendo (only on the 3ds and ds)


  • Small Pig - A small pig.
  • Medium Pig - Normal pig.
  • Large Pig - Large pig without headwear.
  • Corporal Pig - Pig with armor on head.
  • Mustache Pig - He is the size of a Large Pig.
  • King Pig - The king of the Pigs. He is usually at the end of episodes.
  • Spear Pig - Pig with a spear. Can use spear to hit back Angry Birds. White Bird is his weakness.
  • Monster Pig - A giant pig that has fangs and angry eyes.
  • Flying Pig - A Pig that flys in the air.
  • Parachute Pig - When falling, parachute comes out to make the pig fall safely to the ground.
  • Chef Pig - Throws cake at the flock.
  • Goompig - Acts like goomba in mario: when hit by anything it dies (only on the ds and 3ds)


  • Episode 1: Fried Eggs and Ham - 60 levels
  • Episode 2: Picky Pigs - 50 levels
  • Episode 3: Astro Pigs - 50 levels
  • Episode 4: Birds 'n' Bacon - 40 levels
  • Episode 5: Volcanic Action - 50 levels
  • Episode 6: Shopping for Ham - 40 levels
  • Episode 7: Frozen Paradise - 50 levels
  • Episode 8: Sling Kong - 50 levels
  • Episode 9: The Hamming Dorkys - 15 levels
  • Episode B: The Final Pork - 5 levels
  • Episode N: Pigtendo (only on the ds and 3ds)

Level Editor

The level editor is done on a Computer or laptop. The player has to plug their iPod into the computer or download it on the dsi shop and e shop and it will download the editor called Angry Birds Builder. The player can test their levels on it and create as much as they can. The can share them with other people around the world .

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