Angor Koopa
Angor Koopa
Angor's appearance
Full Name Angor Koopa
Current Age 20
Gender Male
Species South Continent Koopaling
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Angor Koopa is a Fanon Koopaling created by Shadow Inferno, it is one of the Southern Continent Koopalings, a sect of less evolved Koopalings whose savagry has kept their lands from properly developing. Angor Koopa dominates what is known as The Minty Jungle in which he uses the rivers that divide the jungle up to control the movement of various species throughout. Angor Koopa is rather cruel although seems somewhat unaware of the chaos and destruction he causes as he thinks its just fun and games.


Somewhat different to Msuhroom Kingdom Koopalings, Angor Koopa, like other Southern Continent Koopalings has a more dinosaur like appearance, having three large spikes extending his skull backwards as well as two striped blue horns between the three spikes. He had thick bone-like skin above his eyes that provide protection and has a plated mouth of the same colour. He has a Dark-Green Head like other Koopalings. His shell wraps around his neck and continues down his back being nearly as long as his tail. His Shell is Dark Blue with cyan rings around the spikes. His body is Golden-Yellow like other Koopalings with a striped underbelly and four fingers and three toes on each hand and foot respectively. He wears two bracelets on his right arm with Sapphire-looking gemstones in them, these braceletes allow Angor to have the power he possesses.


Angor Koopa is able to attack physically by slashing with his claws and charging at a sprinting pace, in addition like other Koopalings he can hide in his shell and move across the battlefield to target the player. Angor's main abilities come from his bracelets, harnessing the power of water, Angor is able to summon geysers of water to launch his enemies skywards as well as create water shields to protect himself from ranged damage.


Raised by the bird-people known as Nobries, Angor Koopa like the other Southern Continent Koopalings was left by himself to grow up and conquer the other species of the Southern Continent from within their own ranks. Angor was given the bracelets by his parents on his 14th Birthday like his other siblings and was instructed that if he wished to meet his real father that he would have to free himself from his "kidnappers" (referring to the Nobries), Angor infuriated by this false revelation that the Nobries had kidnapped him as a young child, Angor created massive torrents of water partially destroying the Great Nobri Nest and causing the Nobries to flee the Minty Jungle vowing that Angor was mistaken, however the child in his anger ignored their calls.


  • It is implied that Angor has come into contact and met with the Mushroom People in the past as he has unique dialogue if one of the players' is a Toad in which he states that he's glad the "Walking Toadstools" came back as he didn't think he'd made his message clear enough
  • Angor's ability over water seems heavily limited in his battle in comparison to what is seen on the ascent up to his battlefield, this is explained due to damage done to the Great Nobri Nest by the players causing the Water within to leak out
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