Angie, the keeper of The Graveyard of the Gods.
Full Name Angie
Gender Female
Location The Graveyard of the Gods
Current Status Alive
Class Watcher, Gaurdian
First Appearance Unknown

Angie is the guardian of the Graveyard of Gods and would have appeared in Leah Needlenam in the Graveyard of Gods before it's cancellation. She is a angel, albeit has not grown her wings.


Angie is a 16 year old angel in charge of protecting The Graveyard of Gods. She has blond hair that she keeps short with a black hairband. She wears a white dress with a mini poncho coat coat over it, with a black bow in the front. She also has a set of gauntlets and boots. Curiously, she only has four fingers and what seems to be hooves for feet.


Angie is cold and detachment. This is likely due to knowing that most gods die out of suicide and knowing that her life is just as immortal and will likely be up to her to end it. Although she has made some relationships with others, she is typically on her own. She hates not being taken seriously.








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