Angelo Perez
Full Name Angelo Garibaldi Perez
Current Age 28
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Fontana, California (hometown)
Out of this world (Billed location)
Align Face (Good)
Current Status Alive
Wreckless Wrestling
Nationality American
Height 5'6"
The Lunartic (ring name)
First Appearance TBA

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Angelo Perez is a man from the RTAverse. A top athlete within the Wreckless Wrestling promotion, Angelo is very well known for his gimmick that he's stuck with for his entire career as a professional wrestler.

Physical appearance

Angelo is a short 28-year-old Latino with short black hair and dark brown eyes. In the ring, Angelo wears a white and grey long-sleeve shirt, white jeans and white trainers. Additionally, Angelo wears a space helmet when he's in the ring. Out of the ring, Angelo wears a significantly different outfit. He wears a bucket hat, black sunglasses, a black zip-up hoodie with a San Diego Padres jersey underneath, black cargo pants and red trainers.


Angelo is well trained in the arts of karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He has a black belt in karate. He had a brief stint in the UFC before going into wrestling. Angelo's Brazilian jiu-jitsu training taught him all the submission techniques he uses in his wrestling matches. Angelo is also very athletic, which he says is a key part of being a wrestler. He can run relatively fast and jump somewhat far, which allows him to perform spectacular moves in the ring.

Finishing moves

Angelo's main finisher is something he's titled "Houston's Problem". In this move, Angelo will put his opponent on the top rope before climbing up himself and putting the opponent up on his shoulders. Angelo then jumps off the top rope, leaning back as he slams his opponent on the canvas. The other finisher Angelo has is one where he jumps over his opponent from behind, performing a cutter on the way over.


In the ring, Angelo portrays a sort of "silent protagonist" character. He never talks when he's in the ring or doing interviews, which means his real-life and storyline friend Tommy Wallace. He normally exaggerates his movements for comedic effect. Angelo has an in-ring rivalry with fellow wrestler Anthony McGregor, AKA Brutus.

Out of the ring, Angelo is very calm. He jokes around with people a lot and has adapted with the "always on the road" feeling of being in the professional wrestling business. He finds being a celebrity rather nice, but thinks that some people are a bit overzealous at times.


  • Angelo's entrance theme is One Man Moon Band by Stephen Walking.