Boss - Angelica
Location Peddle
HP *Not fought in human form*
Attack *Not fought in human form*
Defence *Not fought in human form*
Alignment Bad
Battle Thought *Not fought in human form*
I appreciate your politeness, but there really isn't an option for you, Lucario... Vince! Come here, POSTHASTE! Slay these inferior beings!
Angelica Debroiche

Angelica Debroiche is the main antagonist of Chapter 4 in Lucario's Quest, and while she isn't ever fought in her human form, she fuses together with her husband Vince in order to turn into the horrific monster, Ronazhal, hence herself technically being a "boss". She was the one behind the deaths of the many priests in the town of Peddle, using them to fuel her plan of summoning she and Vince's god.


Angelica had been wickedly sinister in getting her religious deeds accomplished, not believing in the holy god worshiped in Peddle and beyond, instead focusing upon a demonic lord that she had read about in a book years before the events of Lucario's Quest. She had married Vincent Debroiche, who shared a similar interest, though he hated to speak aloud.

When Lucario first meets Angelica, she is standing outside of the main church in Peddle, talking sweetly to her husband, being nice to Lucario and all-around treating him with respect.

Later on, however, the plot unfolds as it is revealed that Angelica is killing the other priests, Father Ted, the high priest, being next. Lucario overhears she and Vince speaking of the events they are about to cause behind the church. Lucario, speaking aloud to himself in shock, tries hiding again as Angelica hears him, and once she finds him, she asks him to join her, in which Lucario either politely or rudely refuses, depending upon the choice the player makes. Though the reaction out of Angelica is different, the end result is the same: Vince approaches, raises his hammer, and engages Lucario and party in a miniboss fight as Angelica watches on. Vince is soon defeated and Angelica picks him up off the ground, rushing into the church in order to finish Lucario off by transforming into the demon, Ronazhal. Lucario, again, prevails, destroying Angelica and Vince, saving Father Ted. Lucario takes the magic stone off of the beast's corpse.


Angelica, is, by all means, not a caring and friendly woman at all, successfully fooling Lucario into thinking so. She is revealed to only care for Vince and herself near the chapter's climax. Even then, she calls her own husband a useless pile of trash for losing to Lucario in a battle.

She seems to be driven to half-insanity by her motives, being one of the more villainous characters, as she slays five men and one female without remorse before she is stopped.


  • Angelica's name strongly contrasts her character, as the name "Angelica" means Angel; Like an angel. From angelicus meaning angelic.

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