Angelia Flag
Flag of Angelia.
Capital City rotative (each five years it is changed)
Largest City Ciutat Vella
Language(s) Spanish, Basque, English, Catalan
Leader(s) Conseil Real (4 kings from the different regions)
Government Tetrarchy
Population 8,546,000 (2015)
Currency Aggelos
Demonym Angelian
Drives on the on the right
Measuring System Meters
Date Format day/month/year
Abbreviation AN
Included Environment(s)
Coast, Plain, Mountains, Tundra
Angelia is a country existing within the Osiris planet, ruled by Yami no Tenshi (tbc). It is found at the south of the continent of Dolenia. Angelia is at the south of an Illusia territory and at the east of the Poisonmissa Isles.
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