Angel of the Skies
TV Series Super Smash Bros: The Animation
Season Number 1
Episode Number 002
Runtime 23 minutes
Preceding Episode N/A
Following Episode N/A

Angel of the Skies is the second episode of Super Smash Bros: The Animation.


Kirby is still alone and finds the ruins of a castle where he finds a metal ball that looks very suspicious. Meanwhile Mario and Link try to find their loved ones but encounter some trouble on their way. Pit wakes up in the skies and sees that Palutena is nowhere to be seen and head out on a quest and quickly encounters Yoshi and Donkey Kong.


Kirby is walking through the empty desert like environment that is filled with ruins. In the distance he sees a castle. Kirby immediately runs towards it and stops in front of the door and knocks on it, only causing the door to fall down. Kirby enters and hears a strange noise and decides to follow it.

Donkey Kong held Yoshi at his throat against the nearest tree. Yoshi quickly licks DK's face which causes him to drop Yoshi on the ground. Yoshi then throws an egg against DK's face which makes him furious. Yoshi then runs towards DK and goes into his egg, but DK charges up his punch and hits the egg and sends the egg into the air which breaks agaisnt a tree. DK and Yoshi suddenly get surrounded by numerous Subspace enemies.

To be continued