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Angels are a species that reside in the Angel Realm of Doodleland. They have large wings and can wield magical weapons. The most common hair color for Angels are blond, a stark comparison to their counterparts Dark Angels and Blood Angels.

Angels cannot show up a camera as their image will be blurred.


Angels can freely go to Earth and the Angel Realm, although going to the Demon Realm requires a magical teleporter or magic weapon. They also can harness light for magic. Most Angels know magic, but some can also do Alchemy.


Angels cannot contract any human illnesses, but they have their own illnesses that may just as bad. Although Angels are immortal, they can die if they drown in water or in battle. One known illness is known as Unicorpus, an illness that causes unicorn horns to grow over an Angel's body, causing extreme pain and vulnerability.

Notable Angels

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