Andromeda (Fantendoverse)
Official art.
Current Age 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s)  ???
Ability/ies Light energy blasts
Voice Actor(s)
Amanda Leighton
First Appearance Shadowcalypse 2: Lord of the Blood Moon

Andromeda is Queen Nebula's assistant as seen in the Shadowcalypse series. She is a faithful worker at first, but begins to have a one-sided crush on Umbra Shader.



Shadowcalypse 2: Lord of the Blood Moon

Andromeda sneaks out of her office at the Galactic Tower to look for Umbra, and meets up with him on Kepler-452b. They fight, but she warns him of the rogue Iconoclast, Russell Zhakamovich.

She later visits a magma refinery on Jupiter's moon, Io, and fights Russell there. Later on, she teams up with Umbra to find him.

In Zeusville, a city on Jupiter, Andromeda enlists Plato Konrad and Mara Cruor to help them out. She helps Umbra to try and stop the invasion of the Atlanta Moon Colony, but fails as she is captured by Nebula for treason against her.

She is rescued by Umbra, and later banished to 2016 with him. He is impied to be her current boyfriend after the events of the game.


Andromeda is very upbeat and fun-loving, but she can also be sensitive to her own mistakes. In fact, she has a fear of failure and looking bad to everyone in the universe.

Powers and Abilities

In Lord of the Blood Moon, it is revealed that she is an Iconoclast, although it is not fully revealed until the climax. However, it is implied earlier in the game, thanks to her pure light energy blasts. She never states that she has hidden her powers from Nebula, but it is conceived that she has, considering that Nebula didn't stop trusting her until she saw her with Umbra.


Queen Nebula

Andromeda will do anything to please Nebula at first, but she begins to see why people would be working against her when she joins Umbra's team.

Umbra Shader

She adores Umbra more than anyone else, and usually sneaks out of her office to try and look for him.

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