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Andromeda is one of the two protagonists of The Elementalists. She is a rather quiet intellectual who is good at problem-solving, but has trouble communicating with others. She hides behind Devan when she feels threatened.

Skills & Abilities


These are Skills & Abilities he can perform, regardless of whether or not Devan is present.

  • Angelic Halo- Throws a ring of light forward for a ranged attack
  • Morning Blessing- Heals a small amount of Health
  • Light Shield- Creates a barrier which blocks attacks and/or stuns enemies
  • Prism Blaster- Creates an etheral gun for a limited time
  • Heaven Rain- Rays of light rain down from above in the surrounding area
  • Photon Collider- Summons a massive, silver helicopter mounted with a gatling gun of light
  • Hover- Triggers the hover capabilities of her boots to travel over obstacles (Can lift Devan)
  • Create- Can assemble certain obstacles atom by atom


These are Skills & Abilities he can only perform when Devan is also present.

  • Ying Thrust- Andromeda throws Devan forward, who spirals using twin Demonic Claws
  • Matrix Blasters- Prism and Shadow guns are created for dual-wielding (Devan hides in shadows temproarily)
  • Elemental Burst- Devan creates a black hole to suck in enemies before Androma throws them outward with a large supernova

Note: Italics denote a Skill available from the beginng. Bold denotes a Tension Overlimit.

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