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don't get to head up your shoulders Panther i should let you know Karai is a wise and dangerous opponent I will tell you a story how that all begin when we first met each other when we was kids she was the female that understand my feelings and my family she understand my uncle Andross my uncle thought that she was seemingly harmless and as we grew up together we became the most Unstoppable Force we team up together in many battles and we became the Unstoppable team until that bitch betrayed me and tried to kill me I haven't been betrayed by her Trust and bond since we met I swear if I ever see her again her death will be delicious painfully
Andrew tells his background story to panther about karai

Andrew oikonny
Full Name Andrew oikonny
Current Age 28
Date of Birth 17 blw
Gender male
Species snow monkey
Location Corneria
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Not yet
Sexuality straight
First Appearance Star Fox : nightmare
Family and Relations
andrew oikonny (past counterpart)

Andrew Oikonny, usually called only by his surname, is the nephew of Andross and his successor. He was originally part of the first incarnation of the Star Wolf team (which also consisted of Wolf O'Donnell, Leon Powalski, and Pigma Dengar) and Azumi newest member of the team and is responsibility of sexual insulting assault Nikita before he was kicked out of the team for unknown reasons. And was friends with Karai until she ultimately betrayed He later started a rebellion on Fortuna consisting of Venomian soldiers that survived the Lylat Wars during the beginning of the Aparoid Invasion, and also supported the Anglar Empire during the Anglar Blitz. He formed a rivalry with Slippy Toad during the Lylat Wars. His dream is to finish the work of his late uncle, Andross.

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