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Full Name Andata
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Human
Height 5'4" (162 cm)
First Appearance The LXIV Saga
Latest Appearance The LXIV Saga
Andata is a main character The LXIV Saga. She is interested in understanding the mysteries and events of The Void, something that brings her closer to protagonist Sixty Four and into his journey. Andata lives in an apartment in Gone Reside with fellow main character Via.


Andata is a curious individual that tends to look at things as they happen rather than how they might connect together. Subsequently, she tends to live in the moment in most cases, and is quite excitable.



The LXIV Saga





  • "Andata" in Italian translates to "going" in English. The phrase "andata via" translates to "gone" or "gone away."
  • Andata is one of several new characters introduced in The LXIV Saga that have not appeared in any previous works. However, her early appearance in the story, as well as her initial relation to Sixty being someone familiar with an area of The Void that he has just entered, places her in a similar role to Mick Cool in the original Sixty Four saga.



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