And Then They Ran is a level in Yoshi's Story 2. It is the first aprance of Angry Sun. It is also a boss level. It is the last level of world 6.

In-Game description

  • The Yoshi's were hungry, so they stopped for a bite to eat.
  • Cyan Yoshi noticed something- why was there so much heat?
  • The Angry Sun came down to them, and scared out of their wits, the Yoshi's ran.


Half of the level is running down a hill, from heat blasts, shot at them by the Angry Sun. Pressing the B button would result in Yoshi running faster- although not always a good thing, since obstacles are in the way, and the A button must be used. The sky then goes into Noon after a while, and the Angry Sun's heat blasts are stronger. The sky then goes dark, and the Yoshi then stops running, because all that he can see is light from the angry Sun. The Angry Sun, however, then transforms into Angry Moon. Yoshi is scared, but decides to battle this thing- running doesn't solve everything. After being hit for 4 times, the moon crumbles onto the ground, revealing Cheese. The Cheese was actually a back up plan for the moon- the cheese was alive. However, being stomped on, or being eaten killed them. A path opened up as the sky turned into Dawn.


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