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The reborn protector of Earth
Full Name Anastaz
Current Age 2,000,000+ years old
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Paragon Angel/Deity
Location Unknown
Current Status alive
Class Unknown?
Main Weapon(s) Palutena's Bow (enhanced)
Ability/ies Flight

Excellent marksmanship

Height 7'00
Anas, Taz
Voice Actor(s)
Antony Del Rio
First Appearance  ???
Anasztaz is a reborn version of Pit that had slept in the river Styx for thousands of years. Immensely powerful, he rivals even the mightiest of gods in power. He was awoken by Xerra, the last Beorn. Upon being reawakened, he battles with Arakhna.






Xerra: The Last Beorn Volume 2



  • In Greek, Anasztaz means Reborn.
  • The creation of the character was inspired by .

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