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Developer(s) TimeStrike
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer / Beat 'em up
Release Date(s)
October 20th, 2016
Age Rating(s)
T (ESRB) / 12 (PEGI)
Media Included Wii U optical disc
Max. amount of players 2
Anarchy!? is a platformer / beat 'em up title starring Shredder and Cupcake, two scrapped characters from the Zolaran Archives wiki, under different names.  The game was made for the Wii U system and has been developed by TimeStrike and published by Nintendo in late 2016.

The objective is to restore order to all the world's countries after they fall under a great and empowering anarchy.  This will be difficult as an organization, going by the name of the Ruleless Titans, attempts to keep going around and reversing Shredder and Cupcake's actions.

Plot synopsis

Shredder and Cupcake were originally rivals in the Sasile main marketplace, attempting to outsell each other in the industry, but when anarchy began spreading over the land like a plague, the two hesitantly teamed up to go and stop everything from falling apart.  Despite their rivalry, the two became great friends once they realized how well their abilities went together.

To see the full plot...wait quite a while!


  • Shredder: One of the two main protagonists of Anarchy!?, and is a relatively unknown assassin who's best known for being not talkative or malevolent, rather he just does what his goals tell him to do and does what life brings him to do.  Of course if fighting is necessary, he doesn't hold anything back.  His hands and arms are cybernetics.
  • Cupcake: Even though Cupcake worked in the marketplace, he's a swordsman who fights as if he lived in the legends of King Arthur and his knights.  He's less talk and more fight, and attacks with almost no regret, even if it's on one of his friends.  As he speaks with old English, he can be somewhat difficult to understand to those who are unfamiliar with him.
  • Shaan: Shann is the main leader of the Ruleless Titans, and has sent his men throughout the world to spread the "purpose of anarchy" so that the governments can go to waste and that he can do as he wishes without the need for the world to capture him and his team.  It's a priority for both Shredder and Cupcake to stop him.


  • Anarchy!?'s original name was going to be "Corrupted Freedom", but was changed for unknown purposes.

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