Anaran Hado
Orange Placeholder Icon
Placeholder for Improving Aka Rojo
Current Age Between 22-24
Date of Birth March 8th
Gender Undecided
Location Symphony Isles
 Anaran Hado is a placeholder name for a character which is to be implemented into ~Wild World~


For the time being, Anaran Hado is a recolor of an old character,of Y's named Tetsuo Nakajima. In the distant future Aka Rojo will look significantly different,but for the time being, this is what they look like.


For the time being,because they are placeholders, Anaran Hado has a Children's Persona. His persona is Assertive,and it will be worked on from there.


Anaran Hado does not have a set routine yet,so they'll just be idle in the center of Fortissimo Town.


He has not been Coded or developed yet,so he had no set personality.



  • Anaran will most likely develop into a character who works in the mining industry,and is pretty keen about rocks and stuff
  • Anaran Hado's name is a corruption of the spanish word: Anaranjado,which means Orange.