Anagrammar is a platforming/puzzle about a cube character named Catch Rare trying to spell as many words as possible using the letters he has gained.


Catch Rare is a Carterue living in the town of Coital, ON, and is one of the best spellers in the town. However, another speller named Angina Tots challenges him to enter in a competition where he has to collect as many letters as possible and use what he has to spell as many words as he can.


The game involves you going around maze-like levels collecting as many letters as you can in a certain time limit. You can find powerups and treasures to help you and defeat baddies and bosses trying to harm you. After time runs out, you have to use your letters to spell a specific amount of words, so you can progress to the next level. You can use each of your letters as many time as you'd like.


Art Name Description
Bloom Wizes Bloom Wizes Bloom Wizes are slow, weak zombies. They can be taken out in a few hits.









  • This was created for the revival of Crimson's weekly challenge.
  • Many of the names in this games are anagrams. In fact, I challenge you to try and find them all! A challenge inside a challenge. Hmmm...

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