An Accident on the Babblecoaster
Release Date(s)
January 1, 2013
Genre Electronic music, dance music
Track Length 9:33

An Accident on the Babblecoaster is a single by Cobweb (tbc) and Lemmykoopa24 (tbc) (under the names Divingstation and Splojin, respectively). It was released on New Years Day.


"An Accident on the Babblecoaster" was created in early December. The synth part was composed entirely by Splojin, while the drum part and production was done mostly by Divingstation. The b-side, "Hypothetical Meme Bully," was created solely by Divingstation. It contains a sample from the Community episode "Paradigms of Human Memory."

Track listing

  1. "An Accident on the Babblecoaster" (composed by Splojin and Diving Station)
  2. "Hypothetical Meme Bully" (composed by Diving Station)


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