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This is a page for some lines from Amy vs The Future.

Amy: Right, what could go wrong?
Krystal: Well, judging from past events, a shitton could go wrong.

Tayshaun: I'm not saying this was a bad idea, just that it was a fucking terrible piece of shit of a plan.

Amy: Why do you want me?
Amy's father's boss: Think about it, Ms. Jackson. You'd be invincible!
Amy: I don't want to be invincible... I just want a fucking normal life, goddammit!

Jess: Get the hell away from me, you stupid thing!
Brendan: Jeez, you really need to control your anger, it's just a fly.

Nikolai: How can I help?
Amy: Do you have guns?
Nina: No, this is a snow shop.

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