Amy Rose is one of the few major protagonists in Sonic Spar. She is the strongest character in the game and can use her Piko Piko Hammer to bust rocky walls. She has an undying crush on Sonic.


Amy has her Sonic Boom appearance still but her Piko Piko Hammer has a bow on it.



In Story Mode

Amy surprisingly appears after defeating Bean the Dynamite in Dynamite Plant when they arive at Emerald Beach. She persuades Sonic to join his team. Sonic actually agrees to this so she won't annoy him anymore. Amy can bust rocky walls easily without a Energy Ring with her Piko Piko Hammer. Amy can spin in the air with her hammer to glide through the air and attack enemies. She fights Metal Sonic in Metallic Madness to save Sonic. She defeats the metal counterpart of her boyfriend and saves the real. She faces Silver Sonic along with Sonia, Tails and the rest of heros but Sonic, who faces Eggman himself. Eggman knocks her and the rest of heros, but Sonic unconcious. Sonic then defeats Eggman in his Super form and saves the world. However the Death Egg explodes via the data being corrupted after the desctrution of the Death Egg Robot. However, they are saved by Fang and Bean, who are piloting the Tornado, who decides to be good guys.


Attack 1 - Amy jabs the opponent.

Attack 2 - Amy smacks the opponent with her hammer.

Attack 3 - Amy knocks the opponent to the air.

Back Attack - Amy spin attacks the opponent with her hammer.

Side Attack - Amy sidesteps and attacks the opponent in the back.

Up Attack - Amy uppercuts the opponent.

Down Attack - Amy smashes the opponent to the ground.

Grab 1 - Amy grabs the opponent by the hand and throws them away.