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Were you looking for the original version of the character that RTA fan made?
Amy Jackson (ZAXALT)
Full Name Amelia Michael Jackson LXIX
Current Age 16 (mentally)
Date of Birth 5th December ????
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Female
Species Cyborg
Location Colony 53, Mars (place of birth), Puralaxy (current location)
Align Neutral
Current Status Gravely in need of repair
Class Cyborg
Main Weapon(s) Arm Rocket
Element(s) Steel
Ability/ies Detachable body, high combat, compatible with many robotic parts, very high intelligence
Vulnerable To Swimming
Nationality 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'4"
Sexuality Heterosexual
Family and Relations
Tayshaun Fitzgerald, Krystal Pérez, Hitomi Yamamoto (allies)
Warrior One, Moneybags Jackson
Amy Michael Jackson is a heroic cyborg from planet Mars, having come from the past as a time travel experiment, and is a weak battle cyborg with a personality that isn't fully developed. She didn't come with much, but she does possess unusual abilities for a cyborg of her time, such as being able to fire off her limbs as attacks and being compatible with parts from other cyborgs, which essentially makes her upgradable. She resides in the Puralaxy of ZAXALT.

Physical Description

This Amy Jackson looks drastically different from her original counterpart. While sharing a very similar body structure, she is quite obviously robotic, and looks rusty, brown, and sort of old. Her eyes are back and look much like speedometers, she has long black hair, and instead of typical clothes, she wears worn battle cybernetics. Instead of a hibiscus in her hair, she has headphones with a mic attached to it, used to gain information from her leaders and spread back information to them.


Amy Jackson has absurdly high intelligence, and can easily gather and store information on the world around her thanks to her high memory capability, and can do an above-average job of predicting the future. Thanks to her memory, she can point out pros and cons of a situation easily, but can also use her intelligence to subtly insult others, often in jokes that seemingly only make sense to old people. Her memory also allows her to memorize attacks and strategies, which can make her a potential great leader.

In terms of combat, Amy doesn't actually have much. Amy can combine with other robotic parts to enhance her combat, but her best skill is to detach a limb and launch it at opponents from far away, then regrow it. Amy also has some back-up weapons just in case the attack doesn't work, such as heat-seeking missiles and smoke bombs.

It is unknown how Amy is so advanced for her time, but it's been rumored that someone in ZAXALT improved Amy's capabilities as of a recent time, therefore her abilities may not be ancient at all. But this is only a theory, and it's not exactly certain if that's actually the case. Several mechanics are being accused of tampering with her abilities to make her famous.


While Amy's personality hasn't fully developed, as her evolving process is rather slow, she is rather lighthearted and friendly, and is at times upbeat. Amy is more serious than relaxed, though, and can't necessarily understand jokes, sarcasm, or any "clever" forms of speech, unless it is explicitly and carefully explained to her. Her personality changes with the people she meets, akin to Emerl from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, but her general personality remains the same. As her mind is not fully developed, it can be easy to trick or deceive her, or take advantage of her incomplete programming.

Overall though, Amy is a rather positive cyborg who only means for things to go well, and doesn't exactly have an other large purpose, although she constantly develops smaller purposes over time. She likes to motivate, to persuade, to inform, and to help people get up and go, and takes pride in her abilities, especially after she was told (as an insult) that she was incomplete. As her vocabulary has a programmed blacklist, she can't use swears or other "bad words", not even "crap".


Tayshaun Fitzgerald

Amy and Tayshaun often team up to do things together, and have about perfect chemistry. They do have very different beliefs and ideas, and don't get along sometimes because of that. But in the end, they're a great combo, and can trash evil in not long together.

Krystal Pérez

The two are somewhat of rivals to one another. While they have teamed up before, they don't have the best chemistry and often compete to be the best at their field of heroism, although it usually ends up in accidents and apologies. They do deeply respect each other from the inside, however.



  • Amy can be viewed as the polar opposite of the ZAXALT Cura, as she's a prototype while that Cura is futuristic and finished. In the New Prime canon, it's opposite: Cura is a prototype, and Amy Jackson is from the future.
  • Amy unintentionally shares her name with a model from the UK.
  • Amy's middle name combined with her last is "Michael Jackson", which is the name of an incredibly popular (and deceased) music artist.
  • In contrast to the original, Amy looks very much like a cyborg on the outside.
  • Amy was raised in a poor family, and her cybernetics were made out of garbage and electronic appliances.
  • The headphones-and-mic system is an alternative to the hibiscus that her original had.
  • Amy is incapable of swimming, as her entire body plummets to the bottom of the river. The water rusts her and weakens her body, so she must stay out of water at all times.
  • When asked about where she is from, Amy usually says she is from a random city from a random state, as to confuse the authorities.
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