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Amy Celestia
Amy Celestia
Amy, as she appears in The Void.
Full Name Amy Celestia
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Void City
Height 5'7" (171 cm)
First Appearance The LXIV Saga
Latest Appearance The LXIV Saga
Amy Celestia is a major character of The LXIV Saga. She is a 14-year-old who possesses a mysterious power with wholly unknown capabilities. Before she escaped his strict custody, it was Jayl Cel's job to restrain her because of this power.










  • Amy Celestia is significantly more involved in the plot of The Void than in the original story, The Sixty Four Saga.



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Voidverse original canon
Amy Celestia
New 2012 Design.
Full Name Amy Cerato/Four
Current Age Book 1: 14 years old
Book 2: 17 years old
Book 3: 20 years old
The Eric Four Saga: 33 years old
Gender Female
Location Peace Key City
Class Female Lead Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) None
Vulnerable To Void/Dark Power, Kidnapping

Amy Cerato (Amy Four since Book 3) is a main character in The Sixty Four Saga, and a secondary character in The Eric Four Saga.


Despite being a main character in The Sixty Four Saga, her personality is never explored in depth. While she plays the role of the kidnapped one that the hero wants to save, she also can hold her own ground and helps Sixty in some situations.


Amy has orange-red hair, pale skin like most Voidverse characters, blue eyes, and wears a pink (and blue accented) T-shirt with shorter sleeves, yellow (and gray-accented) shorts, and blue (and dark gray accented) shoes. She is one of the taller Voidverse characters.


Sixty Four

Sixty Four saves Amy from the evils of The Void in Books 1 and 2. By Book 2 Sixty is Amy's boyfriend, and by Book 3, her husband.

Eight Bit

Eight Bit kidnapped Amy in Book 1 under the direction of his evil Void powers. Sixty and Amy becoming closer after the end of that first book is the main cause of Eight's jealousy in the later books.

Eric Four

Eric is Amy and Sixty's son. In The Eric Four Saga, she doesn't see Eric much, as he wrapped up in his own Void adventure.


Fantendo ObstaCourse

Amy is an alternate costume for Ella Metals in this game.


  • Amy is the main subject of the minor controversy that surrounded The Sixty Four Saga in the past, claiming that Sixty was a mere "avatar" of creator Dk64rules (tbc), and that Amy was based on a real girl that DK liked. However, DK has stated that both rumors are false.