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Amy (E-Verse)
Full Name Amy
Current Age Unknown (looks 16)
Gender Female
Species Cyborg
Location Murkon
Current Status Alive
Class Nuclear Specialist
First Appearance Hell Unbound: E-Verse Pt. 1
Series E-Verse
As a child, Elisin really liked obscenely powerful villains and wanted to have a villain for the heroes to spend time fighting and countering. They made their own Amy Jackson as a result, turning her from a savior of Earth into the potential bringer of the apocalypse. Made from an upbeat and genuinely happy cyborg into a deadly killer who can utilize nuclear powers and attacks in her moveset, Amy is a force to be reckoned with and almost invulnerable to all attacks, only weak to super-strong electric attacks or fluids like water. Despite being developed to oppose everyone in the E-Verse besides Elisin in secret, it is one of the 16 members introduced in the Primary Wave, Elisin's first batch of alternate characters.

Developed as the supervillain of the E-Verse, Amy is a stereotypical weapon of mass destruction that supposedly feels no remorse or pain in any of her actions, annihilating anyone that gets in her way with her nuclear bombs and her laser blasts. She is specifically designed to take down Unten and put him out of his misery, to which the other characters must work together and take down. However when not out and working as a supervillain, Amy is actually a confused individual that feels lost and feels like she's just part of a merry-go-round that never stops, part of an act that she can't give up. The amount of hatred pressed against her is something she despises yet has to live with.

Physical description

Amy has a drastic makeover -- while still resembling a tall adult woman in design, she now looks rusty, looks a lot more cyborg-like in design, wears heavy armor to protect herself from attacks, and has a wide visor that happens to be part of her suit, protecting her from dangerous light among other things. She still has a hibiscus, but it's robotic in design and looks like its rotting. She typically has a brown, black and blue color scheme, with a red visor.


First impressions don't normally tell someone that Amy is more than a stereotypical, power-hungry supervillain, being designed to be the main enemy, the main cause of action in the E-Verse. A weapon of mass destruction instead at immediate glance, Amy Jackson behaves like a manic, clearly and announcing her remorse-less personality and proceeding to set several buildings and other locations on fire. She seemingly loves to steal and rob, and seems to love the scent and sight of spilled blood and corpses. She says that Elisin is "an evil witch" to disguise her supposed "friendliness" with them, although these are her actual thoughts on the God. She cackles after nearly every sentence or two.

In truth, Amy knows that her villainous motives are all a play and that she's trying to please Elisin. This comes with the consequence of putting up with the "heroes" of the land, who go to specifically stop her from continuing the act and beat her down. Even though having a fairly innocent soul, her actions and her road of life haven't left any positive impact on others, having Elisin cruelly watch Amy get beat up over and over again as she puts up a forced act. Blood and guts seem to make Amy feel good, but in truth the stench of them is awful and she can hardly stand watching corpses on the ground. She considered rebelling quite a few times, but was unable to do such as Elisin would threaten her every time.


Experienced with nuclear weapons and technology, those are the types of weapons that Amy resorts to if her missile and bomb attacks don't work out, letting miniature atomic bombs go off and murdering people if they don't get out of the way. She can scan and memorize people that fall under her radar, able to remember how to beat or resist them if related strategies are plotted by either party. A heavy weapon with a thick suit of armor, it's very difficult to pierce through Amy's defenses, and with her equally powerful defense-piercing bombs, she can easily beat down most of the heroes in her path. She is a strategist and always remembers her failures, always taking steps to avoid falling for the same plans over and over.



Despite Unten being the person she's supposed to destroy, she actually has a mid-level crush on Unten, loving his soul and wanting to be with him, but knows that it'll never work because she has to literally destroy him. Unten doesn't see this personality in Amy except when she threatens him with corrupted marriage proposals that hint towards her love for him, yet don't really seem to give off the happy impressions at all.