Amy's Info is a Easter Egg in Super Smash Bros. Go!. To activate it, play as Sonic on Casino Curse and do his down taunt as soon as beggining. It will trigger a conversation about the foe with Sonic, Amy and Cream.


Sonic: Hey, I know that guy! He's the one who gave me that awesome italian food!

Amy: Um... Yes, but that's also your rival, and video game pop star, Mario!

Sonic: You mean the guy I played in the Olympics with?

Cream: Yes. That game was really gimmicky.

Amy: He's an all a round character, Sonic. That means he has no big strengths, but also no big weaknesses.

Sonic: I heard he's a Fire Bender.

Cream: I thought that was Charizard...

Amy: Or was it Lucas?


Sonic: What's with the nightgown?

Amy: That's her beautiful pink dress, she's a princess you know.

Cream: The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Sonic: Mushroom? That explains the vegatables.....

Amy: Stay alert Sonic, her side special move the Peach Bomber is very strong.

Sonic: Isn't that the attack where she uses her a-

Cream: Sonic! Were not allowed to use that language.

Sonic: I- i mean rear!


Sonic: That dude looks as grouchy as Egg-head!

Amy: He is. That "dude", is the Koopa King, Bowser. He's Mario's arch enemy.

Sonic: So he's the Egg Brain of Mario's universe?

Cream: Um, yeah, but he's actually got muscle.

Sonic: But i heard he's slow, while once Scrambled out ran me.

Amy: Correct! Bowser is very strong, but he's as slow as what he is, a turtle.

Cream: I bet even Tails is faster then him....



Sonic: Doesn't Mario eat these?

Amy: No, that's a Mushroom, this is a Toad.

Sonic: He doesn't look like a toad.

Cream: That's not what she meant.

Sonic: I'm confused.

Amy: Enough! Toad is very fast, but isn't very good in melee attacks.

Sonic: So he's like a real Toad?

Amy and Cream: Just fight already.


Sonic: A turtle!

Cream: Actually Sonic, that's Koopa.

Sonic: Like Bowser, but he's so small!

Amy: Koopa is an all a round character, but he can defend himself by just turning around or ducking.

Sonic: Spam alert.

Amy: Not really, if he uses it 3 times in under 5 minutes, it won't work.

Cream: What if he didn't mean too?

Sonic: Who cares? He's too slow for me!

King Boo

Sonic: That guy is scary....

Cream: He's the king of scary, King Boo...

Amy: Look out for his Down special, Jumpscare. He melts into the ground then get's behind you and grabs his foe.

Sonic: So? I'm the fastest thing alive!!!

Amy: You can't teleport.

Sonic: Shu-Shut up!

Cream: Somebody's upset!

Pr. E. Gadd

Sonic: That old guy is my opponent? HA!

Amy: Don't be fooled. He's gotten a wide arsenal.

Cream: He uses coffee as a weapon.

Sonic: You're kidding me, right?

Amy: No. His side special is dropping heavy paperwork on you.

Cream: His normal special is shooting you with his Ray Gun, and can dodge attacks easily with his Pixelator.

Sonic: So many people who can teleport.... What's next? Mario is a brony?


Sonic: What's with the big elf boy?

Amy: That's Link, the handsome hero of time.

Cream: He's so dreamy....

Sonic: Stop fawning and start helping!

Cream: Link uses his Power Bow and his masks as specials. His sword is the Master sword, the most powerful blade ever.

Amy: He's much more experienced then you. He's almost as old as Pacman, and he's been alive for who knows long.

Sonic: So.... I dodge and counter? But what's with the shield?

Amy: He uses it to block attacks. It's made of the strongest metal.

Sonic: So I have to be sneaky, too? Okay, this conversation is over!




Toon Link


Sonic: A pink puffball? But he's so cute!

Amy: He's very powerful. He even sent the giant acid monster Popon to the sun and back.

Cream: He can also swallow nearly anything, then copy the foes abiltity.

Amy: He can copy your Homing Attack, and-

Sonic: Get's my awesome hair! Yes! Finally somebody saw my "How to get Sonic Taylor Hedgehog's awesome hair" video!

Amy: I'm not sure-

Cream: Shhhh! Don't spoil it for him!


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