Saints time amor of celestial crown by greenkissthekirby-d7brf3q

Amor's Sheet.

Hi, it's The Women Saint of Athena ! I'm going to show my works, on Amor, Women Saint of Celestial Crown Constellation !

Who is Amor ?

Amor is a Women Saint, from Greece. Her full name is Amor Silverfreeze. Silver Saint & Trainer of Bronze Saints, she's helped by Mona, Saint of Black Sun & her sister Mayu, Saint of Sing. 


She is an orphan and was gathered by Albior no Cepheus, and driven by the latter on the Island of Andromeda. She trained with Shun & June. She discovered Celestial Crown Armor when Albior and future Saints exploring underground ruins discovered by Shun. After finding her armor, she train for three days without stopping. When the island was attacked by Milo, Albior gave her a map showing an output, he then called her for the first and last time " My Little Daughter ". After this eloped with a boat to the shotr, it begins to call on several islands. She joined the Sanctuary after 2 years of training and exploration. She finds Shun during the Battle of Sanctuary.

Story in Saint Seiya Principal Chronicles

The Sanctuary ( Part 1, Galactian Wars )

She remains in the Shadows, had felt upset because Athena does not chosen her, she can be seen in the public encouraging Shun.

The Sanctuary ( Part 2, 12 Houses of Zodiac )

She visits Athena just before she receives the arrow, witness, she decides to fight against the Gold Saints. She joined Shun near the Gemini's House. She explain that she knows the true identity of the Pope, a gold arrow tries to pierce the same time, but Shun destroy its with his Nebular Chain.

She is faced with Shaina, both covered wtih wounds ; they are fighting. When Shaina says wearing the " Final Hit ", a voice intervenes ; the Great Pope. They undertake all both in a cheeky battle, Amor said it's already lost and barely remembers the words of Albior " Never Give Up".

Shun, then found her unconscious on the side of the Scorpio's House, ready to fall into the void. Shun catches her up with Andromeda's Chains, and and awakens her, she tells him her previous fights against the Pope & Shaina.


We can see her with Bronze Saints, accompagnied  by twos Women Saints, surely Mayu & Mona.

Skills Informations

Her attacks, are like Andromeda's Island Cloths.

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