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McFat Stack
Mcfat stack amiibo
Name McFat Stack
Wave 1
Franchise John Mogwai Land
First Usage Grand Theft Auto

The McFat Stack is an Amiibo released in the GTA VI wave of John Mogwai Land series of amiibo.

Compatible Games


The McFat Stack is a mouthwettening burger sold at McDucks. The tempting burger contains layer upon layer of tasty, juicy, bloody meat from 100% authentic meat from the finest slaughterhouses across John Mogwai Land. Sink your teeth into layer upon layer of bun, beef, chicken, unnutritional fake lettuce, cheese, those pickles nobody wants and fries. Come to McDucks today for guarantee in low prices, low quality and low health.

Warning: The McFat Stack and all other McDucks may (and probably will) contain human, cat, dog, mouse, rat, horse, whale, seagull, caterpillar, skunk, raccoon, penguin, falcon, pigeon, fox and/or alien meat. Or pretty much anything else we can find.

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