Animal Crossing Collection
Name Animal Crossing Collection
Collection Type Figure
Amount of Waves 3
Amount of Figures 16
Franchise Animal Crossing
First Usage Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival
First Wave's Release Date
November 13 2015 (US)
November 20 2015 (EU)

The Animal Crossing is a line of amiibo based on the Animal Crossing series. It consists of sixteen amiibo spanned over three waves (four in North America), and the initial wave consisted of eight amiibo.

The first wave of this amiibo line was released on November 13 2015 in North America and November 20 2015 in Europe, alongside Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, which requires said amiibo. The second wave launched January 22 2016 in North America and January 29 2016 in Europe, and the third wave launched worldwide on March 18 2016.

However, the Lottie amiibo, which was part of the first wave, didn't launch in North America until November 22 2015, one year after the very first wave of amiibo launched there. The second Isabelle amiibo, which was part of the third wave, also launched later in North America, at June 10 2016.


Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival

All 16 amiibo act as a playable character in the main board game, and are in fact a requirement to play the game (hence, the game comes with amiibo of Isabelle and Digby). Similar to the Super Mario amiibo, the Animal Crossing amiibo have to be used to roll dice, confirming actions, and several other things in the main game. The game also allows to save Happy Points on the amiibo and set specific costumes.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Like the Animal Crossing Cards, the figures can be used at the amiibo Phone to call specific villagers and design their house. As all 16 figures depict a Special villager, the player isn't set on specific tasks when designing the villager's house.

Other (Canon)

  • Super Mario Maker: All Animal Crossing amiibo can be used to unlock a new Costume Mario without the need to play 100 Mario Challenge.


Available amiibo

Wave Name Figurine Box Release (NA) Release (EU) Release (JP)
1 Isabelle
Amiibo Isabelle
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Isabelle - Box
11-13-2015 11-20-2015 11-21-2015
1 Tom Nook
Amiibo TomNook
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Tom Nook - Box
11-13-2015 11-20-2015 11-21-2015
1 K.K. Slider
Amiibo KKSlider
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - K.K. - Box
11-13-2015 11-20-2015 11-21-2015
1 Mabel
Amiibo Mabel
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Mabel - Box
11-13-2015 11-20-2015 11-21-2015
1 Digby
Amiibo Digby
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Digby - Box
11-13-2015 11-20-2015 11-21-2015
1 Reese
Amiibo Reese
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Reese - Box
11-13-2015 11-20-2015 11-21-2015
1 Cyrus
Amiibo Cyrus
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Cyrus - Box
11-13-2015 11-20-2015 11-21-2015
1 Lottie
Amiibo Lottie
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Lottie - Box
11-22-2015 11-20-2015 11-21-2015
2 Blathers
Amiibo Blathers
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Blathers - Box
01-22-2016 01-22-2016 12-17-2015
2 Celeste
Amiibo Celeste
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Celeste - Box
01-22-2016 01-22-2016 12-17-2015
2 Resetti
Amiibo Resetti
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Resetti - Box
01-22-2016 01-22-2016 12-17-2015
2 Kicks
Amiibo Kicks
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Kicks - Box
01-22-2016 01-22-2016 12-17-2015
3 Timmy & Tommy
Amiibo Timmy&Tommy
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Timmy & Tommy - Box
03-18-2016 03-18-2016 03-24-2016
3 Kapp'n
Amiibo Kappn
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Kapp'n - Box
03-18-2016 03-18-2016 03-24-2016
3 Rover
Amiibo Rover
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Rover - Box
03-18-2016 03-18-2016 03-24-2016
3 Isabelle
(Summer outfit)
Amiibo IsabelleSummer
Amiibo - Animal Crossing - Isabelle - Summer Outfit - Box
06-10-2016 03-18-2016 03-24-2016


  • The Animal Crossing Collection contains the second largest amount of amiibo, with 16 figures in its set.
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