American Idol:A Superstar Generation
Developer(s) Codemaster
Publisher(s) Codemaster
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance,

Playstation 2,


Dreamcast(the last game for Dreamcast after a year Dreamcast discontinued), Personal Computer,

Mobile Device

Release Date(s)
Single Player,Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
None Yet
Genre(s) Music,Rhythm
Media Included 1 X disc (or cartridge) for the platform
American Idol:A Superstar Generation is the first installment of the reality competition American Idol. This is also the first game to feture the button pushing mode. 

(Lets just say this game was made in 2002)

Game Modes

-Competition: (1-4 Players) Are you the next superstar generation? Find out and compete!

-Auditions: Sing for the judges first and see if you got in.

-Audition #2: Sing for the judges again one last time and see if you to advance.

-Theater Performance: Sing at first alone with the people who got in and watch you, you can also watch the others perform.

-Theater Performance #2: Perform with a group and sing part by part and hear the feedback of each judge.

-Theater Performance #3: Perform alone and advance to the Top 40.

-Stage Hallway: Perform in which the audience is and see if the voting for each is for you to pass on or not.                              

-Stage Hallway #2: Perform with another person and see if any of you two will be eliminated.

-Stage Hallway #3: Take turns with the five you are chosen and take turns on one song.

-The Grand Finale: time to shine and see if you are the American Idol A Superstar Generation.

-Free Sing: (1-4 Players): Just sing any song you want with yourself or your friends.

-Achievements: (1 Player): See the achievements you have unlocked.

Song List

The game consist a total of 50 songs.

Some songs aren`t in some of the platform of th games( PC and MB are the only one to have all 50 songs).

(GBA)-Means in GBA           (DMC)-Means in Dreamcast          (ALL)-Means in All games

(PS2)-Means in PS2            (GCN)-Means in Gamecube

Type Song Artist
All I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor
All I Wanna Dance With Somebody Whitney Houston
All Twist & Shout The Beatles
GBA,GCN,PS2 Escape Eurigune Iglesias
GBA,PS2 Evergreen Will Young
All A Moment Like This Kelly Clarkson
All Thank You Dido
All Genie In A Bottle  Christina Aguliera
All Livin La Vida Loca Ricky Martin
All Bye Bye Bye *NSYNC
All Baby One More Time Britney Spears
All I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys
GBA,PS2,DMC Fast Love George Michaels
All Like A Virgin Madonna
All Let Me Entertain You Robbie Williams
All Spinning Round Kylie Minouge
All Waiting For Tonight Jennifer Lopez
DMC,GCN Suspicous Minds Elvis Presley
All I`m A Beliver Neil Diamond
All Opps. . .I Did It Again Britney Spears
All As Long As You Love Me Backstreet Boys
GBA,GCN If it Isn`t Love New Edition
All Believe CHER
DMC,GCN,GBA Waterfalls TLC
All Total Eclipse of The Hearts Bonnie tyler
All C`est La Vie B*Witched
All 2 Becomes 1  Spice Girls
All gotta tell You Samantha Mumba
PS2,DMC I Can`t Read Tim Machiene
All Kiss Me Sixpence None The Richard
All The Dock Of The Bay Otis Reeding
GCN,PS2 Everyday is a Winding Road Sherly Crow
All Where Do Broken Hearts Go Whitney Houston
All Say My Name  Destiny`s Child
All Greatest Love Of All Whitney Houston
All Superstar Delany & Bonnie
All Turn The Beat Around Vicki Sue Robinson
All All or Nothing O Town
DMC,GBA,PS2 Let`s Stay Together Al Green
GCN,GBA Case Of The Ex Mya
GBA,GCN,PS2 I`m Like A Bird Nelly Furtado
All Real Love Mary J. Blige
PS2,GBA Fame  Irene Cara
All Hit Me With Your Best Shot Pat Bentar
All Vision Of Love Mariah Carey
GCN,GBA,DMC Oppsites Attract  Paula Abdul
All Hero Eurique Iglease
All Soak Up The Sun Sherly Crow
PS2,GCN Crush Jennifer Paige

On January 2003 Codemasters decided to have an EXTRA SONG PACK with the game with missing songs on the game.


There are a total of 4 stages. 

NOTE:Players cannot choose stage during Competition Mode but can  during Rehearsals.

-Auditions                                   -Thermen(Theater)

  -Auditions                                     -Therman 

  -Auditions 2                                  -Therman 2

                                                     -Therman 3

-Semilies (Semi Finals)               -Finales

    -Semilies                                 -Finales 10              -Finales 6                -Final 2 

    -Semilies 2                               -Finales 9               -Finales 5

    -Semilies 3                               -Finales 8               -Finales 4

                                                   -Finales 7               -Finales 3


Each one has 30 Wardobes and have certain colours.

Both genders can change Hair,Hair colour,Eye colour. But for girls Lips,nails,etc.

                Females                                                    Males

Wardrobe 1: A shirt and pants

Top Colours:Pink,Purpule,Green,Blue

Bottom Colours:Blue,Grey,Light Blue

Wardrobe 1:A sweater and pants

Top Colours:Blue,Green,Orange,Pink

Bottom colours:Blue,Green,Brown,Light Blue

Wardobe 30: Dress 




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